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Notice: This school will be closed from October 27th (Thu) to November 10th (Thu) for remodeling.
Please email us if you have any question or telephone us after November 11th (Fri). Thank you.

Semi-private Lessons

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Semi-private Lessons (2 to 3 people)

★ Semi-private Lessons2 to 3 people

25 minute lessons 1300 yen 52 yen per minute, per person

45 minute lessons 1700 yen Roughly 38 yen per minute, per person

50 minute lessons 1800 yen 36 yen per minute, per person ★ Great Value

80 minute lessons 3100 yen Roughly 39 yen per minute, per person

This type of class is recommended for people that want to learn English conversation in a fun environment while communicating with a small number of people.As we need 5 to 10 minutes between lessons to clean the classroom, prepare for other lessons and do office work, we do not usually teach 60 minute lessons.Location: Our office, cafes*, public spaces*, company offices* or student’s homes* * There is a separate fee for transportation, drinks, etc., for lessons in places other than our office. For example:  Cafes, public spaces, offices and homes.

Interview: Why do you learn English?

“Because I love speaking English and being able to communicate with people from all the world. It would also be nice to have a lot of English speaking friends.” “I am learning English because I like to travel, I want to meet lots of new people and I want to see different cultures.” “I would like to study speaking English in order to speak with lots of people and as English has became the international language, therefore I think it has became the most important language.” “Because I wanna make international friends and I wanna be an English teacher. So I should study more.” “I want to travel abroad.” “I enjoy learning new languages.”
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▼ Private Lessons  Campaigns Group Lessons ▶


I was accepted into an overseas medical student program in the USA!! I owe my success to Glen. Thank you very much!


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