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「どう」疑問副詞 | How Questions & Example Sentences

How [発音:hou]

1. In what way or manner?; By what means?:

How did the accident happen?

I don’t know.


2. To what extent, degree, level, etc.?:

How damaged is the car?

The bumper just got a few scratches.


3. In what state or condition?:

How are you?

Pretty good.


4. For what reason?; Why?:

How can you talk such nonsense?

It really happened!


5. To what effect?; With what meaning?:

How is one to interpret this action?

It can be seen as an outcry for help.


6. What?: How do you mean? 

If they don’t have vanilla, how about chocolate?

Sure. Any one’s okay.


7. Used as an intensifier:

How seldom I go there!

I know what you mean.


8. By what title or name?:

How does one address the president?

You should have a look at this book. It’s got some pretty good advice in it.


9. At what price?:

How are the new cars going, cheaper than last year’s models?


10. By what amount or in what measure or quantity?:

How do you sell these tomatoes?



11. In what form or shape?:

How does the demon appear in the first act of the opera? 

How does the medication come?

How [発音:hou] interrogative word: interrogative pro-adverb(疑問副詞)

How about a drink? : 1杯どう?◆飲みに誘うとき
How about going to karaoke? : カラオケに行きませんか?

How are you? : 元気ですか?
Pretty good. : 元気です。
How are you doing? : 元気ですか?・どうしてる?・どうしてますか?
Pretty well. : 元気です。
How are you going? : 元気ですか?
Couldn’t be better. : これ以上元気ない。
How are you preparing for the English test?
I’m taking a few private lessons a week and studying every day.

How are your kids? : 子供はどう?
They’re doing well. : 元気だよ。

How can you do that?
I practice every day. : 
How can you eat that?
It’s easy. I like it.

How can we win? : どうすれば、勝てますか?

How do I write that? : スペルは?/どうやって書くのですか?
How do we send the CD? : どうやってCDを送りますか?
How do you remember so many words?

How far along are you in your job search?
How far is it from here to the sea?
How far can you run?
About 1km.

How far was it?
I’m not sure but it was very far way.

How long did it take?
Only 15 minutes.

How long do you work?
8 hours every day.

How long does it take from Narita to Chitosei by airplane?
How long have you played golf?
How long is it from here to Sapporo?
How long is the trip? 1 week.
How long will it take? 60 minutes.

How many conservation groups are there in Japan?
How many times a week do you study English on this website?
How many times have you been to Disneyland?

How much alcohol is there in the bottle?
How much can you eat?
I can eat 3 plates of food.

How much do you need? : どれぐらいが必要?
I need about a kilo.
 : 1キロぐらいが必要です。
How much do you weigh? : 体重は何キロですか?
About 92 kilos. : 92キロぐらいです。
How much does he need? : 彼はどのくらい必要なのですか?
He needs 500 grams. : 500gが必要。
How much is my blog worth?

How often do you drive in a week?
How often do you take a bath?

How old do I look?
How old do I look in my picture?
How old is the prime minister of Japan?

How soon is a Doctor coming?
How soon will we be landing?

How tall are you now?
How tall is that skyscraper?


Teacher: Cebu is one the most famous resort of the Philippines.


Teacher: Two times.
2 回です。

航空券(an airline ticket)は、幾らですか?

Teacher: It’s about eight thousand pesos from Manila.
マニラから 8 千ペソ程度です。


Teacher: It’s about one hour and 20 minutes by airplane.
飛行機で約 1 時間と 20 分です。

あとどの位すれば、成田から直行便(a nonstop flight)で行けますか?

Teacher: There are already some nonstop flights between Cebu and Narita.


疑問副詞:where / when / why / how

How :「どのようにして」「どんなふうにして」というように、方法・様態をたずねるときに使います。

A: “How did you come here ?”
B: “By train.”

“How should I use this ?”

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