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文章チェック ・ 文法チェック | Sentence Check - Mistakes/Corrections

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文章チェック ・ 文法チェック | Sentence Check

English Study/Grammar: Learning from mistakes

If you would like an English lesson to study about any of the sentences below or grammar points, feel free to send a message anytime. If you are using a PC, you can double click on any of the English words to bring up an English to Japanese dictionary that has word definition and examples. For other grammar explanations in Japanese click here.

文章チェック ・ 文法チェック ・ 英会話 例文

2023年08月 – EIKEN Level Pre 1

文章: X The picture Joanna wanted to use in her presentation was too small. She decided to reverse it so the audience could see it.
正しい:  The picture Joanna wanted to use in her presentation was too small. She decided to enlarge it so the audience could see it.


文章: X Is beer garden on this month?
正しい:  Is the beer garden on this month?


文章: X I arrived at Israel yesterday.
正しい:  I arrived in Israel yesterday.


文章: X I read books in during breaks.
正しい:  I read books during my breaks.


文章: X I don’t like student is noisy.
正しい:  I don’t like it when students are noisy.


文章: X I get to school time is one hour.
正しい:  I get to school in one hour.


文章: X My room is too tall. I want a big room.
正しい:  My room is too small. I want a big room.

2023年01月 – EIKEN Level 3

文章: X A: It’s Tom’s birthday next Saturday. Let’s buys him a present.
B: Good idea.
正しい:  A: It’s Tom’s birthday next Saturday. Let’s buy him a present.
B: Good idea.

2022年12月 – EIKEN Level 5

文章: X A: Kate, is that your brother?
B: Yes. He’s a high school class.
正しい:  A: Kate, is that your brother?
B: Yes. He’s a high school student.

2022年11月 – EIKEN Level 1

文章: X In a recent speech, the mayor squandered the city’s educators for failing to properly prepare students for national achievement exams.
正しい:  In a recent speech, the mayor berated the city’s educators for failing to properly prepare students for national achievement exams.


文章: X I’m care worker.
正しい:  I’m a care worker.


文章: X When is international party?
正しい:  When is the international party?


文章: X That movie effected me greatly.
正しい:  That movie affected me greatly.


文章: X This is better then that one.
正しい:  This is better than that one.


文章: X The company celebrated it’s 8th birthday yesterday.
正しい:  The company celebrated its 8th birthday yesterday.


文章: X Your lesson is so nice price.
正しい:  Your lesson is such a nice price. または The price of your lesson is so nice.


文章: X How much hours do you usually study everyday?
正しい:  How many hours do you usually study every day?


文章: X Its a cold day for October.
正しい:  It’s a cold day for October.


文章: X These recipes is good. Thank you.
正しい:  These recipes are good. Thank you.


文章: X At eight years old, my father gave me a bicycle for Christmas.
正しい:  When I was eight years old, my father gave me a bicycle for Christmas.


文章: X There father went to school there.
正しい:  Their father went to school there.


文章: X The dogs bowl was full of bones.
正しい:  The dog’s bowl was full of bones.


文章: X The cats eats at 6.
正しい:  The cats eat at 6.


文章: X It’s cold, But we go skiing everyday.
正しい:  It’s cold, but we go skiing everyday.


文章: X My sisters online lesson is on Saturday.
正しい:  My sister’s online lesson is on Saturday.


文章: X I went jogging on usual.
正しい:  I went jogging as usual.

2021 文章チェック ・ 文法チェック


文章: X I want online lesson tomorrow’s morning please.
正しい:  I want an online lesson tomorrow morning please.


文章: X Piease give aEmail to this address.
正しい:  Please send an email to this address.


文章: X I was busy today’s morning.
正しい:  I was busy this morning.


文章: X Rodolfo’s boss, Jenny, was angry with him when the client canceled the contract, but his colleagues talked down to him. They told the boss it was not his fault.
正しい:  Rodolfo’s boss, Jenny, was angry with him when the client canceled the contract, but his colleagues stuck up for him. They told the boss it was not his fault.


文章: X Many students complained the book was very difficult to understand in places, so the teacher tried to scorn those sections using simpler language.
正しい:  Many students complained the book was very difficult to understand in places, so the teacher tried to paraphrase those sections using simpler language.


文章: X I’d like to live in abroad.
正しい:  I’d like to live abroad.


文章: X I wanna try custom English course.
正しい:  I wanna try the custom English course.


文章: X Her voice looks different.
正しい:  Her voice sounds different.

文章: X I am been taking lesson since 2010.
正しい:  I’ve been taking lessons since 2010.


文章: X I want online lesson next Thursday please.
正しい:  I want an online lesson next Thursday please.


文章: X I looked internet yesterday.
正しい:  I used the internet yesterday. または I was on the internet yesterday.


文章: X My mother very like kimchi.
正しい:  My mother really likes kimchi.

文章: X I did many homework.
正しい:  I did lots of homework.


文章: X It’s nice taste.
正しい:  It tastes nice. または It’s a nice taste.

2020 文章チェック ・ 文法チェック


文章: X Thanks you very much.
正しい:  Thank you very much.


文章: X Sorry, problem has solved.
正しい:  Sorry, the problem was solved.


文章: X Today is sushis.
正しい:  I will have sushi today.


文章: X Maybe any peoples went to that shop.
正しい:  Maybe some people went to that shop.


文章: X Thanks you for learning me today.
正しい:  Thank you for teaching me today.


文章: X Thanks for your massage..How is your day going?Hope been great.
正しい:  Thanks for your message. How is your day going? Hope it’s been great.


文章: X Do you know the bar where foreigners often?
正しい:  Do you know a bar where foreigners often go?

2019 文章チェック ・ 文法チェック


文章: X The bag is yours?
正しい:  Is the bag yours?


文章: X Why are not you going home?
正しい:  Why aren’t you going home?


文章: X Which state do you wanna?
正しい:  Which state do you wanna go to?


文章: X Please teach mine English.
正しい:  Please teach me English.


文章: X I’m not hope to Piano Lessons now.
正しい:  I don’t want to do a piano lesson now. または I don’t want to do piano lessons at the moment.


文章: X I spent happy time.
正しい:  I had a good time.


文章: X I gonna look better after.
正しい:  I’m gonna look better after.

文章: X Thank you for all fan mails.
正しい:  Thank you for all the fan mail.


文章: X I hope it inspire you.
正しい:  I hope it inspires you.

2018 文章チェック ・ 文法チェック


文章: X There will doesn’t enough.
正しい:  There won’t be enough.


文章: X Today is going dinner.
正しい:  I’m going out for dinner tonight.


文章: X He has a lot of eat.
正しい:  He eats a lot.


文章: X The battery lasts quickly.
正しい:  The battery runs out quickly.


文章: X I’ll sent you.
正しい:  I’ll send it to you.

文章: X I gonna cook breakfast
正しい:  I’m gonna cook breakfast.


文章: X If,my flight get cancell,i go back to hotel in Osaka again
正しい:  If my flight gets cancelled, I’ll go back to my hotel in Osaka again.


文章: X How’s going on?
正しい:  How’s it going? 又は How are you?

文章: X Are you ALT or something?
正しい:  Are you an ALT or something?

文章: X Oh You run English school.
正しい:  Oh. You run an English school.


文章: X I’ll late 1 to 2 minutes
正しい:  I’ll be 1 to 2 minutes late.


文章: X What’s your favorite movies?
正しい:  What’s your favorite movie?

文章: X Is your father want to say in Sapporo?
正しい:  Does you father want to stay in Sapporo?


文章: X I have never go to Sapporo Station.
正しい:  I have never been to Sapporo Station

文章: X If I need a groom, please you can a model
正しい:  If I need a groom, can you please be a model?


文章: X maybe half tickets I throw away yesterday
正しい:  Maybe I threw away half the tickets yesterday.


文章: X This 2 stickers look same.
正しい:  These 2 stickers look the same.

文章: X My teeth is chipped yesterday.
正しい:  I chipped my tooth yesterday.

2017 文章チェック ・ 文法チェック


文章: X Your welcome and thank you for cheer up me always
正しい:  You’re welcome and thank you for always cheering up me.


文章: X What a cute!
正しい:  How cute!


文章: X Have a good on your holiday.
正しい:  Have a good holiday.


文章: X I’m okay with today’s afternoon.
正しい:  I’m okay with this afternoon.

文章: X I’m coming to the hospital again.
※ The person that received this message was not at the hospital.
正しい:  I’m going to the hospital again.


文章: X Can I have English lesson next Thursday on 8th August?
正しい:  Can I have an English lesson this Thursday on August 8th?


文章: X I almost don’t find it yesterday.
正しい:  I almost didn’t find it yesterday.


文章: X Other author also reviewed and summarized their articles.
正しい:  The other author also reviewed and summarized their articles.


文章: X It was fell off.
正しい:  It fell off.


文章: X I learing English for work.
正しい:  I’m learning English for work.


文章: X Food in Hokkaido, what do you think?
正しい:  What do think about food in Hokkaido?


文章: X Yes,I’ll be come back.
正しい:  Yes, I’ll come back.


文章: X I have many free time.
正しい:  I have lots of free time.

文章: X I have to early next morning.
正しい:  I have to get up early the next morning.

2016 文章チェック ・ 文法チェック


文章: X I sometime watch the movie.
正しい:  I sometimes watch a movie.


文章: X I’m go home at 3 today.
正しい:  I’m going home at 3 today.


文章: X Am not understand what cool photo
正しい:  I don’t understand what cool photo means.

文章: X Not smiling pumpking is a few.
正しい:  The are a few pumpking that aren’t smilling.

文章: X I’m not in the mood to traveling.
正しい:  I’m not in the mood to travel.


文章: X I didn’t want they will do crimes.
正しい:  I don’t want them to commit crimes.


文章: X My part-time job office is wifi.
正しい:  My office has wifi.

文章: X Today is no part-time job.
正しい:  I’m not working at my part-time job today.


文章: X It’s a break from work all day tomorrow!
正しい:  I have a day-off from work tomorrow!


文章: X Please let me know any need help.
正しい:  Please let me know if you need any help.

文章: X It’s day off today!
正しい:  It’s my day off today!


文章: X Yeah,it just for fun!
正しい:  Yeah, it’s just for fun!

文章: X Next a lesson Tuesday.
正しい:  Next lesson is on Tuesday.


文章: X Shops of people I would like to know the number of people that the darts.
正しい:  I would like to know the number of people that will play darts for the shop.

文章: X I’m old is 22.
正しい:  I’m 22 years old.


文章: X I’m good at curiousty.
正しい:  I’m very curious about many things.

文章: X I`d like to do hot yoga lesson.
正しい:  I’d like to do a hot yoga lesson.


文章: X Sit up is difficult.
正しい:  Sit-ups are difficult.


文章: X I’m just finished my make-up and I’m waiting for get dressed.
正しい:  I just finished my make-up and I’m waiting to get dressed.

2015 文章チェック ・ 文法チェック


文章: X When Good for you in next week?
正しい:  When is good for you next week?

文章: X I want stay this hotel.
正しい:  I want to stay at this hotel.

文章: X I talk my friend.
正しい:  I want to talk to my friend.


文章: X It is nice good one.
正しい:  It is a nice one. または It is a good one.

文章: X Don’t to be serious!
正しい:  Don’t be too serious!


文章: X Think there is same company to eaon
正しい:  I think it’s the same company as Aeon.


文章: X I have time a little left now.
正しい:  I have a little time left now.


文章: X I will give you a remind mail for check each other next time.
正しい:  I will send you an email to check each time next time.

文章: X I did ate with my friend.
正しい:  I ate with my friend.


文章: X My homework send to other time.
正しい:  I’ll send my homework another time.

文章: X Could you reschedule meeting for more early time ?
正しい:  Could you reschedule our meeting for an earlier time?


文章: X I don’t decide yet when I do TOEIC test.
正しい:  I haven’t decided when I’ll do the TOEIC test yet.

文章: X This morning very early wake up.
正しい:  I woke up very early this morning.


文章: X Vinegar put in salmon.
正しい:  I put vinegar on the salmon.

文章: X He is about 40 years old man.
正しい:  He is about 40 years old.

文章: X Yes, I does.
正しい:  Yes, I do.


文章: X I will send to you.
正しい:  I will send it to you.

文章: X Other country people are also nice at parties.
正しい:  People from other countries are also nice at parties.

文章: X I will catch up the bus.
正しい:  I will catch the bus.


文章: X I want to shape is round.
正しい:  The shape I want is round.

文章: X Near my building icy road was slippy today.
正しい:  The icy road near my building was slippery today.

文章: X Please follow with them.
正しい:  Please follow them. または Please go with them.


文章: X My idea is all those people to come to Sapporo.
正しい:  My idea is for all those people to come to Sapporo.

文章: X My friend wanna comes to here next time.
正しい:  My friend wants to come here next time.

文章: X Snow Festivals was very nice yesterday and day before.
正しい:  The Snow Festival was very nice yesterday and the day before.


文章: X It good idea to have projection mapping at Sapporo Snow Festival.
正しい:  It’s a good idea to have projection mapping at the Sapporo Snow Festival.

文章: X She speak strange things.
正しい:  She says strange things.

文章: X There are my sister.
正しい:  There is my sister.

2014 文章チェック ・ 文法チェック


文章: X There is many snow outside.
正しい:  There is lots of snow outside.

文章: X Please a tea.
正しい:  Would you like a tea?


文章: X I had been bad cold.
正しい:  I had a bad cold.

文章: X I’d like to reservation.
正しい:  I’d like to make a reservation.

文章: X I study 3 on day.
正しい:  I study 3 times a day.


文章: X It’s a sunny today.
正しい:  It’s sunny today. または It’s a sunny day today.

文章: X Sorry! I can not the camera.
正しい:  Sorry! I can not use the camera.

文章: X Does your mother kind?
正しい:  Is your mother kind?


文章: X How do you image about art?
正しい:  What do you think about art?

文章: X It doesn’t take any cost.
正しい:  It doesn’t cost anything.


文章: X Was enjoy yesterday.
正しい:  I enjoyed yesterday.

文章: X Let’s me put you through someone else.
正しい:  Let me put you through to someone else.


文章: X See you 2 weeks ago.
正しい:  See you in 2 weeks.

文章: X I listen CD.
正しい:  I listen to the CD.

文章: X I not tell to anybody.
正しい:  I didn’t tell anybody.

文章: X I appointment to driving lesson.
正しい:  I made an appointment to have a driving lesson.

文章: X Eyedrops take itchy off.
正しい:  Eyedrops stop your eyes itching.


文章: X Yes, I like.
正しい:  Yes, I like it.

文章: X I went Asahikawa City.
正しい:  I went to Asahikawa City.

文章: X I have been exercise since 4 months.
正しい:  I have been exercising for 4 months.


文章: X The most bigger please.
正しい:  The biggest please.

文章: X I saw a picture that’s to send my phone.
正しい:  I saw a picture that was sent to my phone.

文章: X There takes 3 hours by car.
正しい:  It takes 3 hours by car (to get there).

スペルの間違った語: X cerimony
正しい:  ceremony

スペルの間違った語: X constanant
正しい:  consonant


文章: X Your school is convenient place.
正しい:  Your school is in a convenient place.

文章: X Let’s stocked up on the best.
正しい:  We stocked up on the best.


文章: X I’m saving money for go overseas.
正しい:  I’m saving money to go overseas.

文章: X I have decided nothing yet.
正しい:  I haven’t decided (on) anything yet.


文章: X I talk my coworker.
正しい:  I talked to my coworker.

文章: X I will make to lunch.
正しい:  I will make lunch.

文章: X I was job.
正しい:  I was working.

文章: X Attached file is newest file.
正しい:  The attached file is the newest file.


文章: X I not have sister.
正しい:  I don’t have a sister.

文章: X It smell rose.
正しい:  It smells like rose.

文章: X I drank almost day.
正しい:  I drank almost all day.

2013 文章チェック ・ 文法チェック


文章: X I mistake.
正しい:  I made a mistake.

文章: X His clothes is not that good.
正しい:  His clothes are not that good.


文章: X My computer was crashed.
正しい:  My computer crashed.

文章: X It not sure what will happen.
正しい:  It’s not clear what will happen.


文章: X I have time bit.
正しい:  I have a bit of time.

【In a taxi】 文章: X Please stop the corner.
正しい:  Please stop at the corner.

文章: X When we say about company…
正しい:  When we talk about our company… 又は When we talk about the company…

文章: X They have already our schedule.
正しい:  They already have our schedule.


文章: X I’m going home early and picking my clothes.
正しい:  I’m going home early and picking up my clothes.

文章: X See you next next week.
正しい:  See you in 2 weeks.


文章: X Long pants is?
正しい:  Are they long pants?

文章: X I usually having a breakfast at 8:30.
正しい:  I usually have breakfast at 8:30.


文章: X He doesn’t running.
正しい:  He doesn’t run.

文章: X What do you like drink?
正しい:  What drink do you like?


文章: X You should have a time, make you relax.
正しい:  You should have time to relax. 又は You should take some time off to relax.

文章: X That looks like very interesting.
正しい:  That looks very interesting.

文章: X Are you borrow it?
正しい:  Did you borrow it?

文章: X She’s name is xxxxxxx.
正しい:  Her name is xxxxxxx.


文章: X See you next next week.
正しい:  See you in 2 weeks.

文章: X I speak is Japanese.
正しい:  I speak Japanese.


文章: X I went clinic and checked my teeth.
正しい:  I went to a clinic and got my teeth checked.

文章: X People in Greece broke out an out break.
正しい:  There was a riot in Greece.


文章: X I am very bad eye.
正しい:  I have very bad eyes. 又は My eyesight is really bad.

文章: X I bought a mountain bike a few years ago but the tire was heavy.
正しい:  I bought a mountain bike a few years ago but the tires were heavy.

文章(小6): X Do you like food orange?
正しい:  Do you like oranges?

スペリング:The other burger was really nice compaired to this one.
正しい:  The other burger was really nice compared to this one.

文章: X He need special board and boots.
正しい:  He needs a special board and boots.


文章: X I want to that chair.
正しい:  I want that chair.

文章: X What does mean coolest place?
正しい:  What does coolest place mean?

文章: X Do you know what does mean quarter to seven?
正しい:  Do you know what quarter to seven means?

文章: X What is strangest mean?
正しい:  What does strangest mean?

文章: X Because she did a ski, so she was tired.
正しい:  She skied, so she was tired. 又は 正しい:  She was tired because she skied.


文章: X I will try no do that anymore.
正しい:  I will try not to do that anymore.

文章: X Recent, I was so busy.
正しい:  Recently, I’ve been so busy.”

文章: X She is always “I’m clumsy.”
正しい:  She is always saying “I’m clumsy.”

文章: X I go to a hair salon every month. Today, I like hair salon.
正しい:  I go to a hair salon every month. Today, I’ll go to the hair salon I like.

文章: X I think more about how to learn English.
正しい:  I will think more about how to learn English.

文章: X When are you born?
正しい:  When were you born?

文章: X Today, I will talking about volleyball.
正しい:  Today, I will be talking about volleyball.

2012 文章チェック ・ 文法チェック


X My mother is cleans my house.
 My mother is cleaning the house.

X Today is sleeping.
 I was sleeping this morning.

X They are not study every day.
 They do not study every day.

X I will want go to Tokyu Hands.
 I want to go to Tokyu Hands.

 X I will do same yesterday.
 I did the same thing yesterday.


X I will go to cram school is 7 o’clock.
 I will go to cram school at 7 o’clock.

X It is face to left.
 It is facing the left.

X It equals to sixty.
 It equals sixty. 又は It is equal to sixty.

X It turns to clockwise.
 It turns clockwise.


X Yesterday, weather is very good. Sunny day.
 Yesterday, the weather was very good. It was a sunny day.

X Lunch course we ate, 6 o’clock we finish.
 We had a lunch course and finished at 6 o’clock.

X It should be made to a square.
 It should make a square.

X How often do you practice the piano? Nothing.
 How often do you practice the piano? Never.


X The sun was sets.
 The sun set.

X I hardly working.
 I hardly work.

X Almost everyone wear shirts.
 Almost everyone wears shirts.

X I am so busy to prepare for moving my house.
 I am so busy from preparing to move into my new house.
I’m so busy. I have so much to do before I move into my new house.


文章: X I very, very, very, don’t like peas.
正しい:  I really, really, really, don’t like peas.

文章: X I just get that speaks English.
正しい:  I’ll just get someone that speaks English.

文章: X I can’t find any questions now.
正しい:  I don’t have any questions now.

文章: X Take out obi from fan.
正しい:  You take the fan out from your obi (kimono’s sash).

文章: X I went to business trip.
I went on a business trip.


One mother said this to her child before a lesson:
X Hand washing is okay?

 Did you wash your hands?

X I am very good feeling.
I feel very good.

X I don’t like so much.
I don’t like those so much.

X It’s just size.
It’s the perfect size.     It’s a perfect fit.


X I like watch TV.
I like watching TV.

X I went Hawaii last year.
I went to Hawaii last year.

X I like blue color.
I like blue.     I like the color blue.


文章: X I’ve waiting for you.
正しい: I’ve been waiting for you.

文章: X My friend is a specialist in bone.
正しい: My friend is a bone specialist.


文章: X It begins on 9.
正しい: It begins at 9.

Which do you like better bread or rice?
文章: X I like better rice.
正しい: I like rice better.


文章: X When I was high school student I went to homestay.
正しい:  When I was a high school student I did a homestay.

文章: X I went to onsen.
正しい: I went to an onsen.
◎ I went to a hot spring.


文章: X I go there 4th times a year.
正しい:  I go there 4 times a year.

I went to go to school.” instead of “I went to school.
I went to go to school. = I got ready to go to school.

間違いやすいリスニング:worse vs worth
テキスト文:Shiretoko is worth the trek.
“Why is Shiretoko so bad?”
“It’s not. This sentence means it is good to take the effort to walk to Shiretoko.”


文法 ★ Can you give me an example of using “still” and “yet” please?

I still have one English lesson left today.
I have one more English lesson to go, until I’m finished.

Have you finished your English lesson yet?
Are you still studying English?

文章: X Mikoshi group is new year’s party.
正しい:  My mikoshi group had a New Year’s party.

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松井 美穂 准教授


His way of teaching was very impressive and enjoyable to the students.

Miho Matsui
(PhD: American Literature)

Associate Professor, Sapporo City University

(Previously named Sapporo School of the Arts, Design and Nursing School)


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