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Notice: This school will be closed from October 27th (Thu) to November 10th (Thu) for remodeling.
Please email us if you have any question or telephone us after November 11th (Fri). Thank you.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons, Private English Lessons, Online or Here

Private Lessons

The benefits of private tutoring: A personalized approach and pace with fewer distractions.

25 minute lessons
1,500 yen

60 yen per minute, per person

45 minute lessons
2,500 yen

Roughly 56 yen per minute, per person

50 minute lessons
2,700 yen

54 yen per minute, per person ★ Great Value

80 minute lessons
4,320 yen

54 yen per minute, per person

90 minute lessons
4,860 yen

54 yen per minute, per person

  • Goal based lessons for students set on increasing their level quickly.
  • Contributive study projects.
  • Flexible schedules: Decide or change the lesson day according to your convenience! *A cancellation or rescheduling fee may apply, if it is within 24 hours though.
  • Moreover, you can pay the lesson fee directly to the teacher each lesson for peace of mind!

*As we need 5 to 10 minutes between lessons to clean the classroom, prepare for other lessons and do office work, we do not usually teach 60 minute lessons.

Location of Private Lessons:

Most lessons are taken at our office, but you can take lessons online or from cafes*, company offices* your home* or in public spaces*.

* There is a separate fee for transportation, drinks, etc., for lessons in places other than our office. For example: Cafes, public spaces, offices, restaurants, hotels and student’s homes.

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Glen is a really nice teacher. You should try his lessons. He helped me learn a lot and is good at explaining the differences between words.