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Hokkaido Tour Tester – Free Local Tours

Tour & Food Testing in Hokkaido

Tour Experience Reviewer Jobs

Note: If you have domestic tour testing related questions, call 011-768-8116 (Sapporo). I don’t organize regular tours for people in Hokkaido. I just do photographic work, tour testing, events and other promotional based projects here.


Tour Tester - Enjoy Traveling for Free
Enjoy Traveling for Free
Tour Tester - Mochi Cakes
Experience Based Tours

Tour Event Testing & Monitoring

For International People & Tourists Visiting Japan

* Eat, drink and go on one-day or overnight tours in Hokkaido for free.

* Get cash, for participating in activities and filling out a survey with your opinions or ideas on improving tours.

* Conditions apply.
People with food allergies or any food restrictions are usually not allow on these tours. You still may be invited to parties or other events though.

* If you are only doing a few hours of work the pay is usually around 3,000 yen.

Discover Hidden Areas in Japan


Photos from previous tours:

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    If yes, what type of allergy, food restriction or medical condition do you have? If you answered yes to the previous question, you might not be able to go on these tours. Testers need to be able to try and write about any type of food they are given during the tours.

    If you have food restrictions or allergies but are interested in photographic work please register here: https://a4jp.com/models-wanted/

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    * You may not be able to upload photos from some phones. If you can not upload files, please write the model and maker of the phone your were using in the message area. Refresh the page to reset everything and fill out the form without photos.

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    Tour Tester Sample Photos

    Shoe Sizes for Women

    22.0cm53 1/235
    22.5cm5 1/2436
    23.0cm64 1/237
    23.5cm6 1/2538
    24.0cm75 1/238
    24.5cm7 1/2639
    25.0cm86 1/239
    25.5cm8 1/2740
    26.0cm97 1/241
    26.5cm9 1/2842

    Shoe Sizes for Men

    23.56 538
    24.06 1/25 1/238.7
    25.07 1/2 6 1/240
    26.08 1/27 1/241
    27.09 1/28 1/242.5
    28.010 1/29 1/244
    2911 1/210 1/245
    3012 1/211 1/246.5

    Explore Hokkaido with a Local Guide and see what others miss! Every tour is private or tailored to the group. Much better than just a bus tour. Types: City tours, cultural tours, shore excursions, culinary tours, walking tours, first time visitor events… 

    Line ID: glencharlesrowell


    Want to find some interesting places in Hokkaido that you might not have been to before?

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