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キャンセル料金 と 予約変更のルール ・ Cancellations & Rescheduling

キャンセル料金 キャンセル 料 英語

キャンセル料金 と 予約変更のルール
Cancellations, Rescheduling and Special Services

Last review/update: 2022-01-15th

★ キャンセルされる場合、あるいは予約時間を変更したい場合は、事前にメールでの連絡が必要となります。

★ If you need to make a cancellation or reschedule your lesson you will need to email the school about the change.


If you cancel or reschedule, check the rules written below.


You have to pay a cancellation or rescheduling fee in the situations listed below.

※ 但し、事情によりレッスンが受けたくても来られない場合、その時に連絡いただければ、同じ時間に状況によって別のサービス(LINE、WeChat、Kakao Talk、Skypeなど)で通常の受講料にてレッスンの対応を致します。有料通話の場合は、生徒さんからご連絡いただきますようお願い致します。

If you cannot come, depending on the situation, you can still take your lesson at the same time using another service, like LINE, WeChat, Kakao Talk, Skype, etc. It will be charged at the same rate as the lesson that was booked before. If it is a regular telephone, please call us.

Cancellation or Rescheduling Fee





The cancellation fee is 100% for students that do not come at the scheduled time.

1ヶ月後 110% → 2ヶ月後 110%+10%



If you tell the teacher about a cancellation or reschedule more than 24 hours before the lesson, no cancellation fee will be charged.



50% of the lesson fee must be paid, if a lesson is cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of the lesson, and if you have told the teacher more than 6 hours in advance.



100% of the lesson fee must be paid, if cancellations are made or rescheduling is done 6 hours or less before the lesson starts.



Please pay all cancellation fees/charges within a week.

Payment made later than one month will incur an additional charge of 10% per month.


レッスン開始時刻は各自予約していただきます。当日、もし開始時間が過ぎてしまった場合でも、ご連絡を頂ければ電話やLINE、WeChat、Kakao Talk、Skypeなどの通信手段でレッスンが出来ることもあります。(状況により異なりますのでその時にお問い合わせ下さい。)

Are you late for your lesson?

If you call on the day of the lesson, after the reserved lesson time has started, sometimes we can teach you on the phone or on an app like Line, WeChat, Kakao Talk, or Skype, etc (depending on the situation). Lessons start from the reserved time, not from the time the teacher is called.

※ 通常のレッスンは50分間です。以下の例は特別な60分のレッスンのケースです。


1. レッスン開始後10分程経過したら(15:10)、生徒に状況確認の連絡を致します。

2. もしその時、電話やスカイプなどが出来る環境であればレッスンを行うことも可能です。※通常のレッスン料が発生します。レッスンが出来なくてもキャンセル料として該当のレッスン料金をお支払い頂きます。

3. お支払い方法は、次のレッスンの際にお渡し頂くかお振込みにてお願いします。※ いずれも1週間以内にお願い致します。


Usually lesson are 50 minutes but this is an example of a special case.

Example: A 60-minute private lesson from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

1. About 10 minutes after the lesson has started (3:10 pm), the teacher calls the student to check if they are still coming to the lesson or see if the student has forgotten about the lesson reservation.

2. The teacher asks the student if they would like to do today’s lesson over the phone, on Skype, Line, WeChat or another chat program. *If the choice is of taking a lesson is by phone, the student must call the school. As the lesson time has already begun the full lesson fee must be paid.

3.  The student can pay at the start of the next lesson, if the next lesson is within a week. Otherwise please pay as soon as possible by bank transfer and send an email stating to which account payment has been made.

What happens if I forget the time the lesson starts?

If you have scheduled a lesson and forget what time the lesson is on a certain day please make sure you check your schedule with us within 24 hours of the scheduled time. If the teacher is not in the office they might not be able to check their schedule until about 30 minutes before the starting time of the booked lesson.




Compensation Claims

As this school is offering lessons at the discount part-time hourly rate paid to teachers at other English schools, the school/teacher will not offer compensation or reimburse the costs of gasoline, parking fees, train or subway tickets, time, or any other related costs, etc. when the school/teacher has to cancel a lesson or a lesson is unable to be taught, due to scheduling mistakes of either party, transportation time changes, or weather, etc.

In the case where a lesson must be cancelled, the school will provide alternate lesson times if available.



Changes to Our Rules

Due to changes in the law etc, at times we may need to make changes to these rules. Because of this we reserve the right to change or update these rules, or any of our rules at any time. You are responsible for reviewing these rules, and continued use of our site following changes will be considered acceptance of those changes. Any changes or updates will be effective immediately upon posting to the site.



Further Questions

If you have any questions regarding the rules or any other matters, please contact our Sapporo office on 011-768-8116.

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