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TOEIC 単語リスト (S to Z) TOEIC Bridge Word List


Double Click PC Dictionary

  • TOEIC Vocabulary Checker: On your PC, double-click on any English word to see its meaning in Japanese & get example sentences.
  • PCをお使いの方、英語の単語をダブルクリックすると辞書のリンクが表示されます。

If you would like to add more words, examples or you find any mistakes, please contact us and we will update the list as soon as possible.


S – Part 1/14

  1. safety (noun)
    form plural: safeties
    freedom from danger; quality of not causing injury or loss; any security device
    “Architecture and simple fixes can help improve school safety” Kristen Taketa, 2018-02-19th
  2. salary (noun)
    form plural: salaries
    periodic wage paid to someone for work; pay
  3. sale (noun)
    form plural: sales
    commercial transaction; instance of offering goods at a reduced price; demand for merchandise; auction
  4. sales (noun)
    form: only plural
    marketing; activities associated with selling a product or service
  5. salient (adjective) ◆ advanced level word
    noticeable; conspicuous; bulging outward; protruding; remarkable
    “Twitter Now Using Machine Learning to Detect ‘Salient’ Features in Images for Previews” Ankit Chawla, 2018-01-29th
  6. salient (noun) ◆ advanced level word
    form plural: salients
    angle that points outward
  7. salvage (noun)
    form plural: salvages
    act of rescuing; rescued items
  8. salvage (verb)
    forms: salvaged; salvaged; salvaging
    to save from destruction; to rescue
  9. sample (noun)
    form plural: samples
    specimen; small part of something; representative part of a larger group
  10. sample (verb)
    forms: sampled; sampled; sampling
    to take a small portion of something as a specimen
  11. sanitary (adjective)
    hygienic; clean; healthy
  12. satisfaction (noun)
    form plural: satisfactions
    gratification of a need; remuneration; fulfillment
  13. satisfy (verb)
    forms: satisfied; satisfied; satisfying
    to fulfill; to meet a request or requirement; to compensate; to remunerate
  14. save (noun)
    form plural: saves
    action or instance in which the ball or puck is prevented from entering the goal
  15. save (preposition)
    except; besides; but
  16. savvy (adjective)
    experienced; knowledgeable (Slang)
  17. savvy (noun)
    form: no plural
    understanding; wisdom; intelligence (Slang)
  18. saw (noun)
    form plural: saws
    tool for cutting consisting of a toothed blade; saying; maxim; proverb
  19. saw (verb)
    forms: sawed; sawn; sawing
    to cut with a toothed blade
  20. scale (noun)
    form plural: scales
    progression of steps; table of graduated rates; system of marks used for measuring
  21. scale (verb)
    forms: scaled; scaled; scaling
    to climb; to ascend; to weigh; to do according to a particular ratio
  22. scan (noun)
    form plural: scans
    close examination; scrutinizing look
  23. scan (verb)
    forms: scanned; scanned; scanning
    to convert an object or image into a digital image using an optical device to browse
  24. scanner (noun)
    form plural: scanners
    peripheral device used to convert objects or images into digital images (Computers)
  25. scatterbrained (adjective)
    unable to think in a clear and orderly manner; giddy or frivolous

 S – Part 2/14

  1. scene (noun)
    form plural: scenes
    place where an event occurs; vista; view
  2. scenery (noun)
    form plural: sceneries
    view; vista; panorama; set; backdrop used on stage to portray a particular setting or locale
  3. schedule (noun)
    form plural: schedules
    timetable; agenda; itinerary; plan
  4. schedule (verb)
    forms: scheduled; scheduled; scheduling
    to create a timetable; to enter into a timetable; to plan for a certain date
  5. science (noun)
    form plural: sciences
    system of knowledge gained by research; specific field of systematic knowledge; skill; proficiency
  6. scope (noun)
    form plural: scopes
    range; extent; sphere; expanse
  7. score (noun)
    form plural: scores
    group of twenty items; debt; account; bill; grade on a test
  8. score (verb)
    forms: scored; scored; scoring
    to gain; to obtain; to earn a point (in a game, etc.); to tally; to grade a test
  9. scramble (noun)
    form plural: scrambles
    climb over rough terrain; struggle for possession; disorderly or chaotic proceeding
  10. scramble (verb)
    forms: scrambled; scrambled; scrambling
    to jumble; to mix together confusedly; to clamber; to climb on all fours
  11. scratch (noun)
    form plural: scratches
    abrasion; cut; score of zero; cash; money (Slang)
  12. scratch (verb)
    forms: scratched; scratched; scratching
    to rub; to achieve or obtain with difficulty; to delete; to cross out
  13. screen (noun)
    form plural: screens
    part of a television or computer monitor where the picture is displayed
  14. screen (verb)
    forms: screened; screened; screening
    to cover with a curtain; to filter; to sift; to hide; to conceal; to separate
  15. scrupulous (adjective)
    moral; adhering to ethical principles; precise; strict; exact
  16. scrutinize (verb)
    forms: scrutinized; scrutinized; scrutinizing
    to examine; to investigate; to check closely; to inspect
  17. seamlessly (adverb)
    smoothly; continuously; inconspicuously
  18. search (noun)
    form plural: searches
    quest; hunt; instance of looking for something; investigation; examination
  19. search (verb)
    forms: searched; searched; searching
    to hunt for; to look for; to investigate; to examine
  20. season (noun)
    form plural: seasons
    one of the four quarters of the year (winter, spring, summer, autumn)
  21. season (verb)
    forms: seasoned; seasoned; seasoning
    to spice; to flavor; to accustom; to acclimatize; to become experienced
  22. second (adjective)
    next after the first; alternate; other; additional; subordinate; having a lower rank
  23. second (verb)
    forms: seconded; seconded; seconding
    to support a proposal or statement; to endorse; to approve; to help; to assist
  24. secret (adjective)
    classified; confidential; clandestine; covert; hidden; latent
  25. secret (noun)
    form plural: secrets
    information that is confidential or classified; mystery; unexplained phenomenon

S – Part 3/14

  1. section (noun)
    form plural: sections
    part; district; paragraph; passage; department; unit
  2. section (verb)
    forms: sectioned; sectioned; sectioning
    to divide; to split
  3. secure (adjective)
    safe; protected; strong; stable; confident
  4. secure (verb)
    forms: secured; secured; securing
    to obtain; to protect; to defend; to strengthen
  5. security (noun)
    form plural: securities
    safety; pledge; guarantee; stock; bond
  6. seek (verb)
    forms: sought; sought; seeking
    to go in search of; to look for; to search for; to request
  7. seem (verb)
    forms: seemed; seemed; seeming
    to appear to be; to look like; to give the impression of; to have the appearance of
  8. segment (noun)
    form plural: segments
    part; portion; slice; piece
  9. segment (verb)
    forms: segmented; segmented; segmenting
    to partition; to be partitioned
  10. select (adjective)
    chosen; picked out; choice; superior; prime; picky
  11. select (verb)
    forms: selected; selected; selecting
    to choose; to pick out
  12. selection (noun)
    form plural: selections
    choice; assortment; collection of items available to choose
  13. self-employed (adjective)
    independent; independent contractor; business owner; person who is not a hired laborer
  14. semester (noun)
    form plural: semesters
    one of the two periods of an academic year (usually 15-18 weeks)
  15. seminar (noun)
    form plural: seminars
    educational meeting; training session
  16. senior (adjective)
    older; elder; having a higher rank; aged
  17. senior (noun)
    form plural: seniors
    person of higher rank; older person; elder
  18. sense (noun)
    form plural: senses
    any of the five faculties of perception; perception; recognition; awareness
  19. sense (verb)
    forms: sensed; sensed; sensing
    to feel; to perceive; to apprehend; to understand
  20. sensible (adjective)
    rational; reasonable; wise; judicious; cognizant; aware
  21. sensitive (adjective)
    having the capacity for feeling; susceptible to external influences or agents
  22. separate (adjective)
    detached; disconnected; distinct; set apart
  23. separate (verb)
    forms: separated; separated; separating
    to segregate; to set apart; to split; to divide; to disconnect
  24. sequence (noun)
    form plural: sequences
    progression; succession; order; arrangement
  25. series (noun)
    form: only plural
    sequence; succession; television program broadcast in installments

S – Part 4/14

  1. serious (adjective)
    solemn; acute; critical; requiring much consideration; humorless; grim
  2. serve (noun)
    form plural: serves
    opening stroke or hit of the ball (Sports)
  3. serve (verb)
    forms: served; served; serving
    to tend to; to attend; to work; to perform a duty or task
  4. service (adjective)
    useful; providing assistance; repairing; performing maintenance tasks
  5. service (noun)
    form plural: services
    act of providing; act of offering; work; labor; function; role; offer
  6. session (noun)
    form plural: sessions
    meeting; assembly; term; semester
  7. set (adjective)
    fixed; arranged; prepared; resolute; firmly resolved; determined in advance
  8. set (noun)
    form plural: sets
    system; group of items; collection; posture; carriage; series; sequence
  9. set out (verb)
    forms: set out; set out; setting out
    to display; to undertake; to attempt; to begin a journey; to arrange
  10. set up (verb)
    forms: set up; set up; setting up
    to establish; to start; to found; to being; to raise
  11. setback (noun)
    form plural: setbacks
    obstacle; misfortune; something which hinders progress
  12. setup (noun)
    form plural: setups
    arrangement; structure; organization; hoax; configuration of hardware or software (Computers)
  13. several (adjective)
    some; few; separate; distinct; individual; various
  14. severe (adjective)
    serious; grave; acute; difficult; rigorous; harsh; strict
  15. severely (adverb)
    seriously; gravely; acutely; critically
  16. shape (noun)
    form plural: shapes
    form; model; image; condition; fitness; mold
  17. shape (verb)
    forms: shaped; shaped; shaping
    to design; to mold; to form; to direct; to be formed
  18. share (noun)
    form plural: shares
    part; portion; quota; allocation; issue of stock
  19. share (verb)
    forms: shared; shared; sharing
    to divide; to apportion; to receive a portion; to participate
  20. shareholder (noun)
    form plural: shareholders
    person or organization that owns part of a company
  21. sharp (adjective)
    having a thin edge intended for cutting; sudden; clear; smart
  22. sharp (noun)
    form: no plural
    sewing needle; swindler; cheater; professional gambler
  23. shelf (noun)
    form plural: shelves
    a support that consists of a horizontal surface for holding objects; projection; rock ledge; sandbank
  24. ship (noun)
    form plural: ships
    large vessel made for sailing on the sea; aircraft; spacecraft
  25. ship (verb)
    forms: shipped; shipped; shipping
    to send; to dispatch; to transport (by airplane, truck, etc.); to embark

S – Part 5/14

  1. shipment (noun)
    form plural: shipments
    sending of cargo or freight
  2. shipping (noun)
    form plural: shippings
    business of sending or transporting cargo; sea voyage (Archaic)
  3. shipyard (noun)
    form plural: shipyards
    place where vessels are built and repaired
  4. shop (noun)
    form plural: shops
    small retail store; studio; business; office; outlet
  5. shop (verb)
    forms: shopped; shopped; shopping
    to visit a store and purchase goods; to browse in a store; to inform on; to betray (British Slang)
  6. shortage (noun)
    form plural: shortages
    lack; scarcity; deficit; deficiency
  7. should (verb)
    form: modal verb
    must (indicating duty or obligation); would (softening the statement)
  8. shredder (noun)
    form plural: shredders
    device used to destroy documents by cutting them into small strips or pieces
  9. shrewdness (noun) ◆ advanced level word
    form: no plural
    intelligence; ability to think in a clever manner
  10. sick (adjective)
    ill; nauseous; feeling the need to vomit; disgusted; fed up
  11. sight (noun)
    form plural: sights
    vision; ability to see; look; glimpse; spectacle
  12. sight (verb)
    forms: sighted; sighted; sighting
    to see with the eyes; to view; to notice; to discern; to observe
  13. sign (noun)
    form plural: signs
    mark; symbol; indication; hint; trace; notice; advertisement
  14. sign (verb)
    forms: signed; signed; signing
    to mark; to indicate; to write one’s name
  15. significance (noun)
    form: no plural
    meaning; sense; quality of having meaning
  16. significant (adjective)
    important; consequential; meaningful; having meaning; of a considerable amount
  17. signification (noun)
    form plural: significations
    meaning; sense; importance; consequence; act of pointing out
  18. signify (verb)
    forms: signified; signified; signifying
    to represent; to indicate; to communicate; to express; to convey
  19. similar (adjective)
    alike; having common qualities; comparable
  20. simple (adjective)
    easy; uncomplicated; modest; ordinary; plain
  21. simple (noun)
    form plural: simples
    stupid person substance unmixed with other substances; commoner
  22. simulate (verb)
    forms: simulated; simulated; simulating
    to copy; to pretend; to fake
  23. simulation (noun)
    form plural: simulations
    act of pretending; counterfeit; imitation of the operation or features of one system using an other system
  24. sincere (adjective)
    honest; truthful; frank; straightforward; genuine; earnest
  25. sincerely (adverb)
    honestly; genuinely; earnestly; faithfully

S – Part 6/14

  1. sink (noun)
    form plural: sinks
    wash basin; sewer; drain; cesspool; place where criminals gather
  2. sink (verb)
    forms: sunk; sunk; sinking
    to submerge; to fall down below the surface (especially in water)
  3. site (noun)
    form plural: sites
    place; location; area
  4. site (verb)
    forms: sited; sited; siting
    to locate
  5. situation (noun)
    form plural: situations
    condition; circumstance; location; position; job; place of employment
  6. size (noun)
    form plural: sizes
    spatial dimension; measurement; extent; degree
  7. size (verb)
    forms: sized; sized; sizing
    to arrange according to dimension
  8. skill (noun)
    form plural: skills
    ability; aptitude; proficiency; expertise; craft or trade that requires special training
  9. skim (noun)
    form: no plural
    a thin layer covering the surface of a liquid; film; thin layer
  10. skim (verb)
    forms: skimmed; skimmed; skimming
    read superficially; to cause an object to skip across the surface of a liquid
  11. skirting (noun)
    form: no plural
    act of going around; avoidance; evasion
  12. slander (noun)
    form: no plural
    false and injurious statements made about another; defamation; calumny
  13. slander (verb)
    forms: slandered; slandered; slandering
    to make false and injurious statements about another; to defame; to vilify; to malign
  14. slantwise (adjective)
    sloping; inclined
  15. slantwise (adverb)
    at an angle; obliquely; in a slanting direction
  16. slash (noun)
    form plural: slashes
    punctuation mark in the form of a diagonal line (/); reduction; decrease
  17. slash (verb)
    forms: slashed; slashed; slashing
    to cut with a sharp quick stroke; to reduce; to lower; to criticize strongly
  18. slice (noun)
    form plural: slices
    thin piece cut from a larger object; portion; share
  19. slice (verb)
    forms: sliced; sliced; slicing
    to cut into portions; to cleave
  20. slip (noun)
    form plural: slips
    slide; stumble; mistake; blunder; error
  21. slip (verb)
    forms: slipped; slipped; slipping
    to glide; to sneak; to slide; to decline; to deteriorate; to make a mistake
  22. slogan (noun)
    form plural: slogans
    motto; catchword; attention getting phrase used in advertising
  23. slope (noun)
    form plural: slopes
    side of a hill; incline; upward or downward slant; degree to which a surface deviates from the vertical
  24. slope (verb)
    forms: sloped; sloped; sloping
    to incline; to slant upward or downward; to cause to tilt
  25. slot (noun)
    form plural: slots
    notch; narrow opening; place; position (within a system, etc.)

S – Part 7/14

  1. slot (verb)
    forms: slotted; slotted; slotting
    to notch; to groove; to assign to a place or position (in an organization, system, etc.)
  2. slump (noun)
    form plural: slumps
    recession; sudden decrease; drooping posture; slouch; collapse
  3. slump (verb)
    forms: slumped; slumped; slumping
    to collapse; to decline; to decrease; to deteriorate; to settle
  4. small (adjective)
    little; few in number; trivial; unimportant; modest
  5. small (adverb)
    softly; in a low voice; without strength or force; weakly; into little pieces
  6. smart (adjective)
    intelligent; clever; shrewd; lively; fashionable; stylish
  7. smart (noun)
    form plural: smarts
    sharp stinging pain
  8. smoothly (adverb)
    gently; without roughness or projections; evenly; calmly
  9. sneakers (noun)
    form plural: sneakers
    sports shoe; one who moves about stealthily; one who acts furtively
  10. soar (verb)
    forms: soared; soared; soaring
    to glide; to fly upward; to ascend; to increase; to rise
  11. society (adjective)
    of or pertaining to the upper class
  12. society (noun)
    form plural: societies
    association; organization; community; rich upper class; fellowship; companionship
  13. software (noun)
    form: no plural
    programs which control the functions of a computer’s hardware
  14. solace (noun)
    form plural: solaces
    consolation; relief from distress; source of comfort
  15. solace (verb)
    forms: solaced; solaced; solacing
    to comfort; to console; to encourage; to relieve; to appease
  16. solely (adverb)
    only; exclusively; merely
  17. solicit (verb)
    forms: solicited; solicited; soliciting
    to try and obtain something through persuasion or earnest requests
  18. solve (verb)
    forms: solved; solved; solving
    to find the answer to; to explain
  19. somber (adjective) ◆ advanced level word
    gloomy; dark; depressing; sad; mournful
  20. sophisticated (adjective)
    refined; cultured; complex; intricate; complicated
  21. sort (noun)
    form plural: sorts
    type; kind; character; manner; quality
  22. sort (verb)
    forms: sorted; sorted; sorting
    to classify; to organize; to separate from others; to clarify
  23. sound (adjective)
    whole; healthy; in good condition; sane; firm; valid
  24. sound (noun)
    form plural: sounds
    vibrations that can be detected by the human ear; noise; vocal utterance
  25. source (noun)
    form plural: sources
    origin; starting point

S – Part 8/14

  1. source (verb)
    forms: sourced; sourced; spacing
    to originate from; to reveal the origin of something; to obtain from a particular supplier
  2. space (noun)
    form plural: spaces
    universe; empty area; gap; area; interval
  3. space (verb)
    forms: spaced; spaced; spacing
    to set some distance apart
  4. span (noun)
    form plural: spans
    length; distance; duration; period of time
  5. span (verb)
    forms: spanned; spanned; spanning
    to extend across; to stretch from one point another; to bridge
  6. special (adjective)
    unusual; exceptional; unique; particular; highly valued
  7. special (noun)
    form plural: specials
    reduced price; sale on particular items; extra newspaper edition
  8. specialize (verb)
    forms: specialized; specialized; specializing
    to devote oneself to a particular profession or field of study; to limit
  9. specialty (noun)
    form plural: specialties
    distinguishing mark; unique ability; area of expertise
  10. specification (noun)
    form plural: specifications
    item or detail included in a description of requirements or plans
  11. specify (verb)
    forms: specified; specified; specifying
    to indicate; to itemize; to mark; to designate; to stipulate
  12. speech (noun)
    form plural: speeches
    speaking ability; something that is communicated orally
  13. speed (noun)
    form plural: speeds
    quickness; velocity; transmission gear in a motor vehicle
  14. speed (verb)
    forms: sped; sped; speeding
    to accelerate; to cause to move quickly; to expedite; to further; to hurry
  15. spend (verb)
    forms: spent; spent; spending
    to expend; to disburse; to put out (money, resources, etc.)
  16. splendid (adjective)
    wonderful; excellent; marvelous; grand; elegant; magnificent
  17. sponsor (noun)
    form plural: sponsors
    one who donates money; person or organization that promotes or supports (an event, program, candidate, etc.)
  18. sponsor (verb)
    forms: sponsored; sponsored; sponsoring
    to back; to support; to finance; to subsidize; to promote
  19. sporadic (adjective)
    irregular; fitful; occasional; infrequent
  20. spot (adjective)
    made or done immediately; paid at once; performed randomly
  21. spot (noun)
    form plural: spots
    roundish stain; speck; place; awkward or difficult situation; predicament
  22. spread (noun)
    form plural: spreads
    expansion; growth; range; story or advertisement that covers two pages
  23. spread (verb)
    forms: spread; spread; spreading
    to open; to extend; to apply a layer on; to scatter; to distribute
  24. spy (noun)
    form plural: spies
    secret agent; person who secretly investigates and gathers information about other people
  25. spy (verb)
    forms: spied; spied; spying
    to provide secret information about another country; to examine

S – Part 9/14

  1. square (adjective)
    having four equal sides enclosing four equal angles
  2. square (noun)
    form plural: squares
    geometric figure having four equal sides; plaza
  3. stable (adjective)
    steady; firm; lasting; dependable; faithful
  4. stable (noun)
    form plural: stables
    structure in which horses and other animals are housed
  5. stack (noun)
    form plural: stacks
    heap; tall bookshelf; chimney
  6. stack (verb)
    forms: stacked; stacked; stacking
    to place one thing on top of another in a heap; to pile
  7. staff (noun)
    form plural: staffs
    employees working in an organization; personnel; crew; team
  8. staff (verb)
    forms: staffed; staffed; staffing
    to employ a group of workers; to provide with employees; to man
  9. stage (noun)
    form plural: stages
    raised platform; resting place on a journey; phase
  10. stage (verb)
    forms: staged; staged; staging
    to perform; to present; to carry out; to execute
  11. stake (noun)
    form plural: stakes
    wager; bet; investment; share
  12. stake (verb)
    forms: staked; staked; staking
    to risk; to gamble; to finance; to underwrite
  13. stall (noun)
    form plural: stalls
    stand; booth; pen; pretext to delay
  14. stall (verb)
    forms: stalled; stalled; stalling
    to put into a stable; to delay; to check the progress of
  15. stance (noun)
    form plural: stances
    physical position or bearing; opinion; attitude
  16. stand out (verb)
    forms: stood out; stood out; standing out
    to be conspicuous; to be noticeable; to project; to protrude
  17. standard (adjective)
    serving as a model; normal; regular; typical; widely accepted
  18. standard (noun)
    form plural: standards
    model; criterion; norm; average; commodity which backs a monetary system
  19. standpoint (noun)
    form plural: standpoints
    outlook; perspective; view; opinion; attitude
  20. staple (adjective)
    essential; regularly used; primary; principal; main (of goods or products)
  21. staple (noun)
    form plural: staples
    metal clip for binding papers; essential element
  22. state (adjective)
    governmental; bureaucratic; majestic; dignified
  23. state (noun)
    form plural: states
    condition; phase; mood; splendor; nation
  24. statement (noun)
    form plural: statements
    declaration; allegation; official account
  25. station (noun)
    form plural: stations position; place where a person or thing is usually found; headquarters; broadcast frequency

S – Part 10/14

  1. station (verb)
    forms: stationed; stationed; stationing
    to assign to a particular post or position; to appoint
  2. stationary (adjective)
    still; fixed in place; static; settled; tending to stay in one place
  3. stationery (noun)
    form plural: stationeries
    paper used for writing letters
  4. statistics (noun)
    form: only plural
    organization and interpretation of numerical data
  5. status (noun)
    form plural: statuses
    individual’s social or professional standing; position; rank; present situation
  6. stay (noun)
    form plural: stays
    act of halting; visit; temporary residence; suspension of a legal proceeding
  7. stay (verb)
    forms: stayed; stayed; staying
    to visit; to spend time in a place; to remain temporarily; to lodge
  8. steadfast (adjective)
    loyal; faithful; unchanging
  9. stem (noun)
    form plural: stems
    central stalk of a plant; petiole
  10. stem (verb)
    forms: stemmed; stemmed; stemming
    to arise; to come from; to originate; to stop; to check
  11. step (noun)
    form plural: steps
    movement made by lifting the foot and setting it down in another place; stair; stage in a process
  12. step (preffix)
    related to by the remarriage of a parent and not by blood
  13. sternly (adverb)
    strictly; firmly
  14. still (adjective)
    quiet; tranquil; calm; motionless
  15. still (noun)
    form plural: stills
    silence; quiet; photograph
  16. stipendiary (adjective) ◆ advanced level word
    receiving of a regular or fixed payment
  17. stipulate (verb)
    forms: stipulated; stipulated; stipulating
    to require that certain conditions be met before the signing of a contract; to specify; to require
  18. stock (adjective)
    available on a regular basis; employed to handle merchandise or goods
  19. stock (noun)
    form plural: stocks
    supply of goods; inventory; share; company’s capital divided into shares
  20. stop (noun)
    form plural: stops
    cessation; end; visit; obstacle; hindrance
  21. stop (verb)
    forms: stopped; stopped; stopping
    to halt; to cease; to quit; to close; to block; to impede
  22. store (noun)
    form plural: stores
    shop; place where merchandise is sold; supply of goods or materials set aside for future use
  23. store (verb)
    forms: stored; stored; storing
    to amass; to accumulate; to supply; to equip
  24. story (noun)
    form plural: stories
    true or fictional account of some occurrence; short work of fiction; plot; news report
  25. straight (adjective)
    having no curves or bends; frank; continuous; honest; consistent

S – Part 11/14

  1. straight (noun)
    form plural: straights
    line that is not curved; section that is not curved
  2. straightforward (adjective)
    frank; candid; sincere; honest; simple; uncomplicated
  3. strap (verb)
    forms: strapped; strapped; strapping
    to tie with a narrow piece of leather; to lash
  4. strategy (noun)
    form plural: strategies
    plans or methods created for the purpose of achieving a goal
  5. streamline (noun)
    form plural: streamlines
    path along which a fluid flows; direction in which a particle flows; aerodynamic shape
  6. streamline (verb)
    forms: streamlined; streamlined; streamlining
    to make more efficient; to organize; to simplify
  7. strength (noun)
    form plural: strengths
    durability; determination; resolve; power; intensity; force
  8. strengthen (verb)
    forms: strengthened; strengthened; strengthening
    to make strong; to fortify; to reinforce; to toughen
  9. stress (noun)
    form plural: stresses
    emphasis; importance; accent; strain; tension; pressure
  10. stress (verb)
    forms: stressed; stressed; stressing
    to emphasize; to accentuate
  11. stretch (verb)
    forms: stretched; stretched; stretching
    to extend; to elongate; to reach out; to pull; to strain
  12. strike (noun)
    form plural: strikes
    temporary work stoppage; good luck; discovery of natural resources
  13. strike (verb)
    forms: struck; stricken; striking
    to temporarily cease working as a protest; to impress
  14. striped (adjective)
    marked with narrow bands of contrasting color or texture
  15. strive (verb)
    forms: strove; striven; striving
    to endeavor; to try hard; to compete; to struggle; to resist
  16. structure (noun)
    form plural: structures
    building; something created from a number of interconnecting parts
  17. structure (verb)
    forms: structured; structured; structuring
    to organize; to arrange; to give form to
  18. study (noun)
    form plural: studies
    learning; field of learning; thorough investigation; report; analysis
  19. study (verb)
    forms: studied; studied; studying
    to learn; to ponder; to examine; to investigate; to memorize
  20. style (noun)
    form plural: styles
    manner; way; fashion; chic; vogue
  21. style (verb)
    forms: styled; styled; styling
    to plan; to design; to name; to call
  22. subject (adjective)
    under the rule of; subordinate; exposed to; liable to; conditional
  23. subject (noun)
    form plural: subjects
    topic; branch of studies; major; citizen; motive
  24. subjectively (adverb)
    based on individual thoughts and feelings
  25. submit (verb)
    forms: submitted; submitted; submitting
    to give in; to surrender; to yield; to present; to propose

S – Part 12/14

  1. subordinate (adjective)
    inferior; of secondary importance; under the authority of another
  2. subordinate (noun)
    form plural: subordinates
    one who is subservient; someone under the authority of another
  3. subscribe (verb)
    forms: subscribed; subscribed; subscribing
    to endorse; to donate; to contribute; to pledge; to support; to approve
  4. subscription (noun)
    form plural: subscriptions
    payment given for regularly scheduled performances or publications
  5. subside (verb)
    forms: subsided; subsided; subsiding
    to descend; to decline; to abate; to lessen
  6. subsidiary (adjective)
    supplementary; auxiliary; secondary; lesser in importance
  7. subsidiary (noun)
    form plural: subsidiaries
    company that is owned or controlled by another company
  8. subsidize (verb)
    forms: subsidized; subsidized; subsidizing
    to provide financial assistance
  9. subsidy (noun)
    form plural: subsidies
    financial assistance
  10. substantial (adjective)
    firm; wealthy; influential; important; considerable
  11. substantiate (verb)
    forms: substantiated; substantiated; substantiated
    to prove; to verify; to confirm; to actualize
  12. substantive (adjective)
    existing independently; real; tangible
  13. substantive (noun)
    form plural: substantives
    word or phrase functioning as a noun
  14. substitute (adjective)
    acting as a replacement
  15. substitute (noun)
    form plural: substitutes
    replacement; person or thing that takes the place of another
  16. subtract (verb)
    forms: subtracted; subtracted; subtracting
    to take away part of a whole; to remove; to deduct
  17. succeed (verb)
    forms: succeeded; succeeded; succeeding
    to prosper; to achieve; to attain; to follow; to inherit
  18. success (noun)
    form plural: successes
    attainment of something desired or attempted; accomplishment; prosperity
  19. succinct (adjective) ■ intermediate level word
    stated briefly but clearly; clear and concise; short and to the point
  20. sufficient (adjective)
    enough; adequate
  21. suggest (verb)
    forms: suggested; suggested; suggesting
    to propose; to mention; to imply; to hint; to evoke
  22. suggestion (noun)
    form plural: suggestions
    proposal; recommendation; insinuation; hint
  23. suit (noun)
    form plural: suits
    matching outfit consisting of a jacket and trousers or a skirt; request; courtship
  24. suit (verb)
    forms: suited; suited; suiting
    to fit; to match; to satisfy; to please; to clothe
  25. suitcase (noun)
    form plural: suitcases
    rectangular traveling bag; valise

S – Part 13/14

  1. suite (noun)
    form plural: suites
    group of things that together form a set; group of attendants
  2. sum (noun)
    form plural: sums
    whole amount; entire quantity; essence; gist
  3. sum (verb)
    forms: summed; summed; summing
    to add
  4. summarize (verb)
    forms: summarized; summarized; summarizing
    to present in a condensed form; to list the main points in a brief and comprehensive manner
  5. superb (adjective)
    excellent; wonderful; splendid; magnificent
  6. superfluous (adjective)
    being more than is needed; excessive; unnecessary
  7. superior (adjective)
    higher in rank or position; above average; exceptional
  8. superior (noun)
    form plural: superiors
    one who is higher than another in rank or position
  9. supervise (verb)
    forms: supervised; supervised; supervising
    to oversee; to administer; to direct; to manage; to watch over
  10. supervisor (noun)
    form plural: supervisors
    overseer; director; manager
  11. supervisory (adjective)
    managerial; overseeing
  12. supplement (noun)
    form plural: supplements
    something which makes up for a deficiency; addition; extra added part
  13. supplement (verb)
    forms: supplemented; supplemented; supplementing
    to make up for a deficiency; to add on to
  14. supplementary (adjective)
    additional; extra
  15. supplier (noun)
    form plural: suppliers
  16. supply (noun)
    form plural: supplies
    act of providing; provision; reserve; stock
  17. supply (verb)
    forms: supplied; supplied; supplying
    to furnish; to equip; to make up for; to compensate for; to substitute for temporarily
  18. support (noun)
    form plural: supports
    prop; brace; economic assistance; upkeep; encouragement; aid
  19. support (verb)
    forms: supported; supported; supporting
    to carry; to encourage; to assist financially; to substantiate
  20. supportive (adjective)
    providing assistance
  21. suppose (verb)
    forms: supposed; supposed; supposing
    to presume to be true; to hypothesize; to believe
  22. surely (adverb)
    confidently; certainly; without a doubt; yes; of course
  23. surface (adjective)
  24. surface (noun)
    form plural: surfaces
    exterior or upper boundary of a thing; external part or layer; outward appearance
  25. surmise (verb)
    forms: surmised; surmised; surmising
    to infer; to conjecture; to guess; to presume

S – Part 14/14

  1. surplus (noun)
    form plural: surpluses
    profit; amount of assets that is higher than liabilities
  2. surprise (noun)
    form plural: surprises
    astonishment; something which startles or astonishes; unexpected event
  3. surprise (verb)
    forms: surprised; surprised; surprising
    to startle; to astonish; to ambush
  4. surveillance (noun)
    form: no plural
    careful observation of a person or group
  5. survey (noun)
    form plural: surveys
    review; overview; statistical study
  6. survey (verb)
    forms: surveyed; surveyed; surveying
    to look over; to observe; to examine carefully; to study
  7. survive (verb)
    forms: survived; survived; surviving
    to outlive; to remain in use; to outlast; to endure; to withstand
  8. susceptible (adjective)
    vulnerable; prone; impressionable
  9. suspect (adjective)
    doubtful; dubious
  10. suspend (verb)
    forms: suspended; suspended; suspending
    to hang; to postpone; to defer; to expel
  11. sustain (verb)
    forms: sustained; sustained; sustaining
    to support; to provide for; to finance; to assist; to encourage
  12. swap (noun)
    form plural: swaps
    exchange; trade
  13. swap (verb)
    forms: swapped; swapped; swapping
    to exchange one thing for another; to trade; to barter
  14. sway (noun)
    form plural: sways
    moving back and forth; influence; control; authority
  15. sway (verb)
    forms: swayed; swayed; swaying
    to move back and forth; to lean in a certain direction; to be sympathetic to; to hesitate
  16. sweater (noun)
    form plural: sweaters
    pullover; employer who underpays his employees
  17. swift (adjective)
    fast; immediate; prompt; smart
  18. swift (noun)
    form plural: swifts
    financial industry owned cooperative supplying secure, standardized messaging services to financial institutions
  19. switch (noun)
    form plural: switches
    exchange; transfer; device
  20. switch (verb)
    forms: switched; switched; switching
    to change; to shift; to exchange; to trade; to turn on or off
  21. switchboard (noun)
    form plural: switchboards
    panel containing buttons for connecting and disconnecting telephone or electrical circuits
  22. sympathy (noun)
    form plural: sympathies
    affinity; compassion; pity; concern; empathy
  23. symposium (noun)
    form plural: symposiums
    meeting or conference at which a specific topic is discussed
  24. synthesis (noun)
    form plural: syntheses
    combining of separate elements into a complete whole
  25. system (noun)
    form plural: systems
    combination of related things or parts that form a complex whole
  26. systematically (adverb)
    methodically; in an organized fashion


T – Part 1/5

  1. table (noun)
    form plural: tables
    list of information arranged in columns and rows; chart; flat surface
  2. table (verb)
    forms: tabled; tabled; tabling
    to enter information into a chart; to postpone; to set aside for future consideration
  3. tackle (noun)
    form plural: tackles
    equipment; device for lifting and lowering objects
  4. tackle (verb)
    forms: tackled; tackled; tackling
    to deal with; to stop; to undertake; to set about
  5. tailor (noun)
    form plural: tailors
    one who makes or alters garments
  6. tailor (verb)
    forms: tailored; tailored; tailoring
    to create or adapt for a particular need or desire
  7. take (noun)
    form plural: takes
    amount collected at one time; income; proceeds; profits (Informal)
  8. take (verb)
    forms: took; taken; taking
    to seize; to capture; to possess; to contract
  9. take over (verb)
    forms: took over; taken over; taking over
    to capture; to assume control
  10. takeover (noun)
    form plural: takeovers
    act of assuming control of something (as in a government or business)
  11. talk (noun)
    form plural: talks
    conversation; speech; lecture; meeting
  12. talk (verb)
    forms: talked; talked; talking
    to converse; to speak; to spread rumors; to lecture; to reveal secret information
  13. talkative (adjective)
    chatty; loquacioustall (adjective)
    having a specified height; difficult to believe; exaggerated; challenging
  14. tantalizing (verb)
    forms: tantalized; tantalized; tantalizing
    to tempt or tease by presenting something as available and then withholding it
  15. tantamount (adjective)
    equivalent to; equal to
  16. target (noun)
    form plural: targets
    mark; objective; aim; object; goal
  17. target (verb)
    forms: targeted; targeted; targeting
    to aim at something
  18. task (noun)
    form plural: tasks
    job; assignment; obligation; role
  19. task (verb)
    forms: tasked; tasked; tasking
    to give assignments; to overburden; to strain
  20. taste (noun)
    form plural: tastes
    perception of flavor; sense; reason
  21. taste (verb)
    forms: tasted; tasted; tasting
    to check flavor by eating; to attempt; to try
  22. tax (noun)
    form plural: taxes
    levy; fee
  23. tax (verb)
    forms: taxed; taxed; taxing
    to impose a tariff; to impose a levy; to burden; to demand too much
  24. technician (noun)
    form plural: technicians
    specialist in repairs of machinery and appliances
  25. technique (noun)
    form plural: techniques
    method of performance

T – Part 2/5

  1. technology (noun)
    form plural: technologies
    sciences of the industrial arts; applied sciences
  2. temper (noun)
    form plural: tempers
    disposition; mood
  3. temper (verb)
    forms: tempered; tempered; tempering
    to moderate; to soften; to tone down; to toughen; to harden
  4. temporary (adjective)
    passing; brief
  5. tenant (noun)
    form plural: tenants
    lodger; occupant; resident; renter; landlord
  6. tenant (verb)
    forms: tenanted; tenanted; tenanting
    to rent; to inhabit; to occupy
  7. tender (adjective)
    gentle; soft; delicate
  8. tender (noun)
    form plural: tenders
    bid; offer; overseer; supervisor
  9. tense (adjective)
    strained; taut; rigid; nervous; stressful
  10. tense (noun)
    form plural: tenses
    inflection; verbal ‘time’
  11. tension (noun)
    form plural: tensions
    tautness; strain; nervousness; agitation; apprehension
  12. tentative (adjective)
    experimental; trial; temporary; hesitant
  13. tenure (noun)
    form plural: tenures
    strength; period; permanence
  14. term (noun)
    form plural: terms
    word; expression; idiom; condition; stipulation
  15. term (verb)
    forms: termed; termed; terming
    to name; to call; to designate
  16. terminal (adjective)
    end; closing; concluding; final; mortal
  17. terminal (noun)
    form plural: terminals
    either end of a passenger line; bus or train station
  18. terminology (noun)
    form plural: terminologies
    nomenclature; specific vocabulary
  19. terrible (adjective)
  20. territory (noun)
    form plural: territories
    region; district; zone; area; domain
  21. testify (verb)
    forms: testified; testified; testifying
    to bear witness; to declare under oath; to attest
  22. testimonial (noun)
    form plural: testimonials
    letter of recommendation
  23. thorough (adjective)
    comprehensive; complete; finished
  24. thoroughness (noun)
    form: no plural
    diligence; neatness
  25. though (adverb)

T – Part 3/5

  1. though (conjunction)
    despite; in spite of
  2. thought (noun)
    form plural: thoughts
    idea; concept; product of the mind
  3. thread (noun)
    form plural: threads
    string; thin cord; Internet discussion
  4. thread (verb)
    forms: threaded; threaded; threading
    to pass something through an opening
  5. threat (noun)
    form plural: threats
    expression of intent to damage or injure; intimidation; danger
  6. thrive (verb)
    forms: throve; thriven; thriving
    to prosper; to flourish; to succeed
  7. throughout (adverb)
    in every; during
  8. throughout (preposition)
    in every part; at every point or moment
  9. thus (adverb)
    therefore; so
  10. ticket (noun)
    form plural: tickets
    certificate; entry pass; tag
  11. ticket (verb)
    forms: ticketed; ticketed; ticketing
    to label; to fine
  12. tie (noun)
    form plural: ties
    rope; cord; link; connection; equal score in a game
  13. tie (verb)
    forms: tied; tied; tying
    to bind; to fasten with a rope or cord
  14. tight (adjective)
    close-fitting; tense; narrow
  15. tight (adverb)
    in a close-fitting manner; firmly
  16. time (noun)
    form plural: times
    period; era; hour; rate
  17. timeliness (noun)
    form: no plural
  18. title (noun)
    form plural: titles
    heading; caption; right; ownership; championship
  19. title (verb)
    forms: titled; titled; titling
    to furnish with a caption or heading
  20. token (adjective)
    nominal; symbolic; perfunctory
  21. token (noun)
    form plural: tokens
    symbol; sign; mark; remembrance
  22. toll (noun)
    form plural: tolls
    tax; charge; levy; grievous price
  23. tool (noun)
    form plural: tools
    apparatus; device
  24. top (adjective)
    highest; prime; leading
  25. top (noun)
    form plural: tops
    summit; peak; head

T – Part 4/5

  1. topic (noun)
    form plural: topics
    theme; subject of conversation; issue
  2. total (adjective)
    entire; complete; absolute
  3. total (noun)
    form plural: totals
    sum; whole
  4. tour (noun)
    form plural: tours
    voyage; sightseeing excursion; trip; route
  5. tour (verb)
    forms: toured; toured; touring
    to sightsee; to voyage; to travel
  6. tow (noun)
    form plural: tows
    act of dragging or pulling with a rope or chain
  7. tow (verb)
    forms: towed; towed; towing
    to pull; to drag
  8. town (adjective)
    of a city; local
  9. town (noun)
    form plural: towns
  10. track (noun)
    form plural: tracks
    lane; path; signs; trails; channel
  11. track (verb)
    forms: tracked; tracked; tracking
    to follow
  12. trade (adjective)
    commercial; of commerce
  13. trade (noun)
    form plural: trades
    business; commerce; barter; occupation
  14. tradition (noun)
    form plural: traditions
    custom; practice; convention
  15. traditional (adjective)
  16. traffic (noun)
    form: no plural
    movement of vehicles or persons; trade; commerce; load of messages in a communications network
  17. traffic (verb)
    forms: trafficked; trafficked; trafficking
    to deal in; to sell
  18. trail (noun)
    form plural: trails
    track; footprints; path; way
  19. trail (verb)
    forms: trailed; trailed; trailing
    to follow; to drag; to tow
  20. transact (verb)
    forms: transacted; transacted; transacting
    to carry out; to conduct; to perform
  21. transaction (noun)
    form plural: transactions
    negotiation; settlement; business deal
  22. transcend (verb)
    forms: transcended; transcended; transcending
    to excel; to rise above
  23. transcendent (adjective)
    sublime; exalted; superior
  24. transfer (noun)
    form plural: transfers
    exchange; conveying something from one person to another
  25. transfer (verb)
    forms: transferred; transferred; transferring
    to convey; to relocate; to hand over; to pass on

T – Part 5/5

  1. trash (noun)
    form plural: trashes
    something discarded; rubbish; garbage; refuse; nonsense
  2. trash (verb)
    forms: trashed; trashed; trashing
    to throw away; to discard; to destroy; to damage
  3. travel (noun)
    form plural: travels
    movement; journeying
  4. travel (verb)
    forms: traveled; traveled; traveling
    to go on a journey; to move; to go from one place to another
  5. traveler (noun)
    form plural: travelers
    one who makes a journey
  6. tray (noun)
    form plural: trays
    flat receptacle used to hold other items; platter
  7. treasure (verb)
    forms: treasured; treasured; treasuring
    to put away for future use
  8. treat (noun)
    form plural: treats
    delight; refreshment or entertainment given to its recipient without cost
  9. treat (verb)
    forms: treated; treated; treating
    to relate to; to deal with; to process; to pay for
  10. treatment (noun)
    form plural: treatments
    therapy; care; relation; attitude; behavior
  11. treaty (noun)
    form plural: treaties
    formal agreement between two states; compact; covenant; contract
  12. tremendous (adjective)
    very great in numbers; huge; powerful
  13. trespasser (noun)
    form plural: trespassers
    one who damages a person or his property or rights
  14. trial (adjective)
    experimental; exploratory; test; used as a sample
  15. trial (noun)
    form plural: trials
    test; attempt; experiment; annoyance
  16. triangle (noun)
    form plural: triangles
    shape having three sides and three corners; group of three
  17. trivial (adjective)
    trifling; unimportant; insignificant; minor
  18. trouble (noun)
    form plural: troubles
    problem; misfortune; annoyance; cause of worry
  19. trouble (verb)
    forms: troubled; troubled; troubling
    to worry; to cause concern; to annoy; to bother; to disturb
  20. truly (adverb)
    really; genuinely
  21. trust (noun)
    form plural: trusts
    confidence; faith; credit; monopoly; several companies banded together in order to reduce competition
  22. trust (verb)
    forms: trusted; trusted; trusting
    to rely on; to extend business credit
  23. trustee (noun)
    form plural: trustees
    person granted legal custodianship over property not belonging to him
  24. trustee (verb)
    forms: trusteed; trusteed; trusteeing
    to grant a person or persons legal custodianship over property not belonging to them
  25. turnover (noun)
    form plural: turnovers
    gross revenues; total business done; rate of selling or producing
  26. twice (adverb)


  1. ultimately (adverb)
    in the end; eventually
  2. unable (adjective)
    not capable
  3. unauthorized (adjective)
    unlicensed; forbidden; unlawful
  4. unbiased (adjective)
    impartial; equitable
  5. uncertain (adjective)
    doubtful; not reliable; ambiguous
  6. uncertainty (noun)
    form plural: uncertainties
  7. unconventional (adjective)
    not standard; not ordinary
  8. undercut (noun)
    form plural: undercuts
    type of beef tenderloin; type of cavity with a broad base
  9. undercut (verb)
    forms: undercut; undercut; undercutting
    to offer at lower prices than the competition; to weaken; to undermine
  10. underestimate (verb)
    forms: underestimated; underestimated; underestimating
    to assign too low a value to
  11. underline (noun)
    form plural: underlines
    caption beneath an illustration
  12. underline (verb)
    forms: underlined; underlined; underlining
    to emphasize
  13. understatement (noun)
    form plural: understatements
    representing something less strongly than what the facts would justify
  14. underway (adjective)
    having begun a journey (especially of a sea vessel); initiated; in progress; under construction
  15. unfair (adjective)
    biased; dishonest
  16. unforeseen (adjective)
    not anticipated; not expected
  17. unfortunately (adverb)
  18. unify (verb)
    forms: unified; unified; unifying
    to join; to cause to become one
  19. union (noun)
    form plural: unions
    workers’ association; federation; amalgamation
  20. unique (adjective)
    singular; matchless; rare
  21. uniqueness (noun)
    form: no plural
    singularity; individuality; incomparability
  22. unit (noun)
    form plural: units
    specific quantity regarded as a standard; combination which acts a whole; piece
  23. unjudged (adjective)
  24. unless (conjunction)
    not before; precluding; barring; except; aside from
  25. unlimited (adjective)
    infinite; boundless
  26. unlock (verb)
    forms: unlocked; unlocked; unlocking
    to open; to free from restraints; to release
  27. unnecessary (adjective)
    excessive; redundant; superfluous
  28. unsanitary (adjective)
    not healthful; not clean
  29. unsatisfactory (adjective)
    inadequate; disappointing; not good enough
  30. until (conjunction)
    up to the time which
  31. until (preposition)
    up to
  32. unveil (verb)
    forms: unveiled; unveiled; unveiling
    to reveal; to uncover; to disclose
  33. upcoming (adjective)
    about to happen; imminent
  34. update (noun)
    form plural: updates
    more current version of something
  35. update (verb)
    forms: updated; updated; updating
    to modernize; to make current
  36. upgrade (noun)
    form plural: upgrades
    the process of installing a newer and more powerful version of a software package or a piece of hardware
  37. upgrade (verb)
    forms: upgraded; upgraded; upgrading
    to improve; to raise the quality of
  38. upholstery (noun)
    form plural: upholsteries
    materials that are used to cushion and cover furniture (i.e. fabric, lining, padding, etc.)
  39. upon (preposition)
    on; atop
  40. upwards (adverb)
    to a higher level; more than; higher than
  41. urban (adjective)
    pertaining to a city; municipal urbanize (verb)
    forms: urbanized; urbanized; urbanizing
    to make into a city
  42. urgent (adjective)
    pressing; compelling; immediate; prompt use (noun)
    form plural: uses
    function; utilization; benefit; advantage; consumption
  43. use (verb)
    forms: used; used; using
    to practice; to employ; to exploit; to treat; to consume
  44. useful (adjective)
    functional; practical; applicable
  45. useless (adjective)
    not functional; not practical
  46. usual (adjective)
    common; regular; ordinary
  47. usually (adverb)
    commonly; generally; regularly
  48. utilization (noun)
    form plural: utilizations
    the proportion of available time that an item of equipment is operating
  49. utilize (verb)
    forms: utilized; utilized; utilizing
    to put to practical use; to take advantage of


  1. vacancy (noun)
    form plural: vacancies
    emptiness; available position; job opening
  2. vacant (adjective)
    empty; unfilled; unoccupied; lacking expression
  3. vacation (noun)
    form plural: vacations
  4. vacation (verb)
    forms: vacationed; vacationed; vacationing
    to go on holiday
  5. vaccinate (verb)
    forms: vaccinated; vaccinated; vaccinating
    to render insusceptible to a disease by inoculating
  6. vaccination (noun)
    form plural: vaccinations
    act or instance of rendering insusceptible to disease by inoculating
  7. vacillate (verb) ◆ advanced level word
    forms: vacillated; vacillated; vacillating
    to fluctuate; to hesitate; to waver
  8. valid (adjective)
    legitimate; legally acceptable; not expired; logical; well-founded
  9. validate (verb)
    forms: validated; validated; validating
    to confirm; to sanction; to legalize
  10. valuable (adjective)
    of great worth; costly; cherished; dear; important
  11. valuable (noun)
    form plural: valuables
    something of great worth
  12. value (noun)
    form plural: values
    monetary or material worth; importance; merit
  13. value (verb)
    forms: valued; valued; valuing
    to esteem; to cherish; to assess; to estimate
  14. van (noun)
    form plural: vans
    large closed vehicle used for transporting goods or people
  15. variation (noun)
    form plural: variations
    degree of diversity; change; modified version; deviation
  16. variety (noun)
    form plural: varieties
    assortment; kind; sort
  17. various (adjective)
    assorted; different; individual; several
  18. vary (verb)
    forms: varied; varied; varying
    to alter; to change; to fluctuate
  19. vast (adjective)
    large; enormous; huge
  20. vat (noun)
    form plural: vats
    large container; tank; tub
  21. vegetable (noun)
    form plural: vegetables
    plant; edible fruit of a plant
  22. vegetarian (noun)
    form plural: vegetarians
    one who does not eat meat; herbivore
  23. vehicle (noun)
    form plural: vehicles
    means of transport (car, bus, etc.); instrument; means; medium
  24. veil (noun)
    form plural: veils
    netting attached to a woman’s hat
  25. veil (verb)
    forms: veiled; veiled; veiling
    to cover; to hide
  26. vending machine (noun)
    form plural: vending machines
    automated device used for selling items
  27. vendor (noun)
    form plural: vendors
    salesman; supplier; automatic machine for selling goods
  28. venture (noun)
    form plural: ventures
    an undertaking that is dangerous, daring, or of uncertain outcome
  29. venture (verb)
    forms: ventured; ventured; venturing
    to take a risk in order to achieve a goal
  30. veracity (noun)
    form: no plural
    truthfulness; something that is a truth
  31. verify (verb)
    forms: verified; verified; verifying
    to confirm the truth of something
  32. versatile (adjective)
    fulfilling many functions; multi-purpose; skilled to do many things
  33. version (noun)
    form plural: versions
    particular form of something; variant; rendering; translation
  34. vessel (noun)
    form plural: vessels
    large craft made for navigation on water; boat; ship; container
  35. viable (adjective)
    capable of living; having a reasonable chance of succeeding; practical
  36. victim (noun)
    form plural: victims
    person who falls prey (to an attack, deception, etc.)
  37. viewpoint (noun)
    form plural: viewpoints
    attitude; stance; opinion
  38. vilify (verb)
    forms: vilified; vilified; vilifying
    to slander; to defame
  39. violation (noun)
    form plural: violations
    transgression; desecration; attack or disruption; rape
  40. virtual (adjective)
    imaginary; hypothetical; computer simulated
    virtual (noun)
    form: no plural
    computerized representation of an actual object
  41. visibility (noun)
    form plural: visibilities
    quality of being clearly seen
  42. visible (adjective)
    in view; observable; obvious; apparent
  43. visit (noun)
    form plural: visits
    temporary stay somewhere; instance of spending time with a person or group of people; inspection
  44. visit (verb)
    forms: visited; visited; visiting
    to stay somewhere temporarily; to make an official inspection
  45. visitor (noun)
    form plural: visitors
    guest; migrating bird
  46. vital (adjective)
    lively; vigorous; crucial; critical; necessary
  47. vivid (adjective)
    lively; bright; dazzling; clear; graphic
  48. vocabulary (noun)
    form plural: vocabularies
    lexicon; list of words and their definitions in alphabetical order
  49. voice (noun)
    form plural: voices
    sound produced in the throat; expression; language
  50. voice (verb)
    forms: voiced; voiced; voicing
    to raise an opinion; to adjust the tone of
  51. volunteer (noun)
    form plural: volunteers
    one who offers his services of his own free will or without pay
  52. volunteer (verb)
    forms: volunteered; volunteered; volunteering
    to offer to do or give something for free; to propose
  53. voucher (noun)
    form plural: vouchers
    certificate that bears monetary value; coupon; receipt; authorizer; endorser
  54. voyage (noun)
    form plural: voyages
    trip; journey; travel; cruise
  55. voyage (verb)
    forms: voyaged; voyaged; voyaging
    to take a cruise; to travel; to make a journey


  1. wait (noun)
    form plural: waits
    staying where one is; expectation; ambush
  2. wait (verb)
    forms: waited; waited; waiting
    to be ready or available; to work as an attendant; to postpone
  3. waiter (noun)
    form plural: waiters
    one who serves tables at a restaurant or pub
  4. waitress (noun)
    form plural: waitresses
    woman who serves tables in a restaurant or pub
  5. wallet (noun)
    form plural: wallets
    small purse used to carry money and personal documents; billfold; handbag
  6. wallpaper (noun)
    form plural: wallpapers
    picture or design used as a background for the other images in a graphical user interface
  7. warehouse (noun)
    form plural: warehouses
    depot; wholesale store; large retail store
  8. warehouse (verb)
    forms: warehoused; warehoused; warehousing
    to store in a large building
  9. warning (adjective)
    cautioning; giving advice about danger
  10. warning (noun)
    form plural: warnings
    caution; advice about danger; advance notice
  11. warranty (noun)
    form plural: warranties
    guarantee; authority; justification
  12. waste (adjective)
    leftover; unused; desolate; desert; destroyed
  13. waste (noun)
    form plural: wastes
    misuse; loss; rubbish; garbage; sewage
  14. watch (noun)
    form plural: watches
    small clock that is usually worn on the wrist; guarding; observation
  15. watch (verb)
    forms: watched; watched; watching
    to see; to look; to pay attention; to supervise
  16. waver (verb)
    forms: wavered; wavered; wavering
    to sway; to oscillate; to vacillate; to fluctuate
  17. weak (adjective)
    frail; feeble; faint; dilute; watery
  18. weakness (noun)
    form plural: weaknesses
    drawback; disadvantage; defect; foible
  19. wealth (noun)
    form: no plural
    richness; prosperity; capital; fortune; abundance
  20. weapon (noun)
    form plural: weapons
    instrument for use in attack or defense in combat
  21. weigh (verb)
    forms: weighed; weighed; weighing
    to consider; to be of a particular heaviness; to burden
  22. weight (noun)
    form plural: weights
    heaviness; unit of mass; pressure; importance; influence
  23. weight (verb)
    forms: weighted; weighted; weighting
    to load; to oppress; to burden; to regard; to esteem
  24. whereas (conjunction)
    since; inasmuch as; while; while on the contrary
  25. whereas (noun)
    form: no plural
    this being the case; since (used in formal documents)
  26. whether (conjunction)
  27. whole (adjective)
    complete; full; entire; healthy
  28. whole (noun)
    form plural: wholes
    totality; completeness; entirety
  29. widespread (adjective)
    common; popular; extensive; prevalent
  30. width (noun)
    form plural: widths
    breadth; thickness
  31. will (noun)
    form plural: wills
    last testament listing inheritors of a dying person’s property
  32. will (verb)
    forms: willed; willed; willing
    to want; to command; to determine; to decide
  33. willingness (noun)
    form: no plural
    readiness; agreeableness
  34. wire (adjective)
    made of a thin flexible cord of metal
  35. wire (noun)
    form plural: wires
    cord; line; string; telegraph cable
  36. withdraw (verb)
    forms: withdrew; withdrawn; withdrawing
    to take money from the bank; to retire; to remove
  37. within (preposition)
  38. withstand (verb)
    forms: withstood; withstood; withstanding
    to bear; to endure
  39. witness (noun)
    form plural: witnesses
    testifier; onlooker; bystander; testimony
  40. witness (verb)
    forms: witnessed; witnessed; witnessing
    to look on; to see; to observe; to testify; to vouch for
  41. wool (noun)
    form plural: wools
    fleece from some animals; frizzy hair
  42. work (noun)
    form plural: works
    labor; task; profession; occupation; vocation; effort
  43. work (verb)
    forms: worked; worked; working
    to labor; to act; to operate; to activate; to process
  44. workshop (noun)
    form plural: workshops
    seminar; brief intensive educational program; discussion group
  45. worry (noun)
    form plural: worries
    concern; fear; misfortune; distress
  46. worry (verb)
    forms: worried; worried; worrying
    to be concerned, harass, or advance through great effort
  47. would (verb)
    form: modal verb
    helping verb for use in a question; request or expression of desire wrench (noun)
    form plural: wrenches
    violent twist; violent ripping; tool for gripping or turning bolts
  48. wrench (verb)
    forms: wrenched; wrenched; wrenching
    to pull by force; to twist; to cut off; to distort; to pervert write off (verb)
    forms: wrote off; written off; writing off
    to disregard an outstanding debt (as of a customer)
  49. wrong (noun)
    form plural: wrongs
    injustice; evil; bad; broken law; transgression
  50. wrong (verb)
    forms: wronged; wronged; wronging
    to cause suffering to; to behave unjustly toward
  51. wry (adjective)
    distorted; crooked; twisted; askew


  1. yearly (adjective)
    occurring once within 12 months yearly (adverb)
    “They sign a yearly contract to get a discount.”
  2. yet (adverb)
    still; already; but; in spite of; although
  3. yet (conjunction)
    but; in spite of; despite
  4. yield (noun)
    form plural: yields
    harvest; return; produce; income; profit
  5. yield (verb)
    forms: yielded; yielded; yielding
    to produce, supply, or bear (profit, harvest, fruit, etc.)


  1. ZIP (noun)
    form: no plural
    extension of an archived file compressed with a special program; type of drive using removable disks
    Verb: “Can you zip the files before you send them?”
    Adjective: “Is that a ZIP file?”


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