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Notice: This school will be closed from October 27th (Thu) to November 10th (Thu) for remodeling.
Please email us if you have any question or telephone us after November 11th (Fri). Thank you.

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Name: Sapporo Eikaiwa AGREATDREAM

CEO: Glen Charles Rowell

FB: Glen Charles Rowell

Line ID: glencharlesrowell

WeChat ID: glencharlesrowell

Skype: glencharlesrowell

Phone/Fax: 011-768-8116
International Number: +81(11)768-8116

Postal Address:

Room 506, Asahi Plaza Kairakuen,
North 6 West 6, 2-1, North Ward,
Sapporo, JAPAN 060-0806

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    Hope you have an amazing day. Keep learning and smiling every day for a fulfilled life.

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      URL: https://agreatdream.comRoom 506, Asahi Plaza Kairakuen, North 6 West 6, 2-1, North Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido, JAPAN 060-0806

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      Glen is a really nice teacher. You should try his lessons. He helped me learn a lot and is good at explaining the differences between words.