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Grammar: Bring vs Take

English Grammar & Usage List

Bring – Move an object to the place where the speaker or listener is located

Take – Move and object to a different place from the speaker or listener

Third party → bring → the partner of the conversation

Third party → bring → speaker or writer

Speaker or writer ↔ bring ↔ Talking party

Third party → take → another location

Talking partner → take → another place

Speaker or writer → take → another place


1) Bring people and things to the place where the speaker (myself) is
“Please bring me your bag.”
“You can bring some friends to our party tomorrow.”

2) Take people / things to the place where the listener (you) is located
“I’ll bring some flowers to your office next week.”
“My friend will bring the money to you.”


Take people / things to a place different from the speaker / listener
“I’ll take a laptop to the meeting.”
“Can you take her to the concert?”

bring/take Quiz

1. It’s going to rain after 6pm. Don’t forget to  an umbrella if you go out.
2. The party’s at 8:30pm. Don’t forget to  some wine if you come.
3. I’m starving. I hope you remembered to  some food.
4. Have you  the dog to the vet yet?
5. Can you come here and  this newspaper to your father.
6. We can drive there. I  the car with me.
7. Number 7 or 8 always  good luck.
8. So in fact  an extra coat was a good idea. It’s freezing out there!
9. I’m leaving now. See you in about 15 minutes. Should I  some wine with me?
10. She’s not here anymore. They’ve  her to another hospital.


Glen is a really nice teacher. You should try his lessons. He helped me learn a lot and is good at explaining the differences between words.