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Testimonials from Students or Companies

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Student Testimonials

Hitomi O.


Translation: I didn’t continue studying with other schools but Glen’s lessons are fun and I’ve almost been here for 3 years now. I recommend this school to people who want to learn fun English speaking lessons.

Hitomi O.



I was accepted into an overseas medical student program in the USA!!
I owe my success to Glen. Thank you very much!


Reiko S.

海外旅行に行って英会話が出来ると旅行が楽しくなります。英語圏ばかりではないけれど、 フランス語もイタリア語も似ている単語があるし、少しでも会話ができると外国人とコミュニケーションがとれます。街の中の広告とか、お店の看板を読むことができると、街を歩く時でも迷わずに済みますし、行動範囲も広がります。

Translation: It is more fun being able to speak English when you go on overseas travel. Although some countries are not English speaking countries, you can communicate with people in languages like French and Italian as some words are similar to English. Along the street, you can read signs and advertising in the city, and it is possible to read the shop signs, you need without hesitation, making it easy to travel around thanks to your English skills.


Company Testimonials

Kieran Culhane (B.Ed, M.Ed, M.AppLing)

From the beginning of his time at Berlitz, Mr. Rowell proved himself to be a highly motivated teacher and a likeable member of staff.

He was very reliable, and whenever staffing or scheduling difficulties arose, he was flexible and cooperative, readily helping out by covering shifts and extra classes. Furthermore, after gaining some experience, he was happy to advise new teachers about teaching young learners.

During his time here, I found Mr. Rowell to be an instructor who was concerned about the welfare of his students. He was a hard-working teacher, with a particular passion and skill for teaching children.

He was not only a popular teacher with young learners, but was able to tame and teach some challenging groups of children we had at the time.

Kieran Culhane (B.Ed, M.Ed, M.AppLing)
Academic Director,
ELS Language Center Sapporo

Sapporo City University

His way of teaching was very impressive and enjoyable to the students.

Miho Matsui (PhD: American Literature)
Associate Professor,
Sapporo City University
(Previously named Sapporo School of the Arts, Design and Nursing School)


He is reliable, hard working and enthusiastic. Glen has done a lot more than just teaching. He has been correcting students’ homework and doing extra work without hesitation whenever asked by the school coordinators or students.

He was also involved in curriculum development and company lessons that EC conducts outside of the school campus.

I recommend him to any position that requires commitment and integrity.

Eiichi Yamaya
General Manager,
EC Eikaiwa Odori
EC Inc.

Student Testimonials


I’ve been learning 20 words a day. And I can use them too. I love the vocabulary learning software Glen has made. Hope to talk to you soon, in English.

Akiko (26)

no pic

I’m hooked on learning words. The myriad of mnemonics… The plethora of sayings to express myself with in English. I don’t want to become feeble minded. Remember, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Thank you very much Glen.

Nobutoshi (68)

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I was accepted into an overseas medical student program in the USA!! I owe my success to Glen. Thank you very much!


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