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Past Tense Verbs – old

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Under Construction 2017-08-30th

Past Tense

atedrank, etc… In English, past tense verbs are actions or events that have finished. There are regular verbs that simply end with a “d” or an “ed” and irregular verbs that look different from the original verb sometimes using an “ied” at the end, like in the past tense verb married. Regular Verb: “I have cereal every day.” Past Tense: “I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast yesterday. ” The past tense is used when things have been discontinued from the present, and a story is already over. For example, if I was told “I worked there for 15 years.“, I can see that I am no longer working there. On the contrary, if I was told “I have worked there for 15 years.“, using the present completion form, since it is a tense with continuity with the present, I am still working there. Similarly, in the case of comparing “I lost his meeting notes.” and “I have lost his meeting notes.“, we can see in the latter sentence that I have not found the notes yet, whereas in the former sentence it is “lost”. Just finding the story of saying that it may have been discovered after that, it means that you may not have discovered it yet.
eat  ↓  ate
drink  ↓  drank Click to try the test at the bottom of this page.  

Word List

arose, babysat, beat, became,  bent, began, bet, bound, bit, bled, blew, broke, bred, brought, broadcast, built, bought, caught, chose, came, cost, cut, dealt, dug, did, drew, drank, drove, ate, fell, fed, felt, fought, found, flew, forbade, forgot, forgave, froze, got, gave, went, grew, hung, had, heard, hid, hit, held, hurt, was, kept, knew, laid, led, left, lent, let, lay, lit, lost, made, meant, met, paid, put, quit, read, rode, rang, rose, ran, said, saw, sold, sent, set, shook, shone, shot, showed, shut, sang, sank, sat, slept, slid, spoke, spent, spun, spread, stood, stole, stuck, stung, struck, swore, swept, swam, swung, took, taught, tore, told, thought, threw, understood, was, were, woke, wore, won, withdrew, wrote…


Verb → Past Simple → Past Participle
A B C D E F G H I K L M P Q R S T U W A am was been arise arose arisen B babysit babysat babysat be were been beat beat beaten become became become bend bent bent begin began begun bet bet bet bind bound bound bite bit bitten bleed bled bled blow blew blown break broke broken breed bred bred bring brought brought broadcast broadcast broadcast build built built buy bought bought C catch caught caught choose chose chosen come came come cost cost cost cut cut cut D deal dealt dealt dig dug dug do did done draw drew drawn drink drank drunk drive drove driven E eat ate eaten F fall fell fallen feed fed fed feel felt felt fight fought fought find found found fly flew flown forbid forbade forbidden forget forgot forgotten forgive forgave forgiven freeze froze frozen G get got gotten give gave given go went gone grow grew grown H hang* hung hung have had had hear heard heard hide hid hidden hit hit hit hold held held hurt hurt hurt I is was been K keep kept kept know knew known L lay laid lain lead led led leave left left lend lent lent let let let lie ** lay lain light lit lit lose lost lost M make made made mean meant meant meet met met P pay paid paid put put put Q quit quit quit R read *** read read ride rode ridden ring rang rung rise rose risen run ran run S say said said see saw seen sell sold sold send sent sent set set set shake shook shaken shine shone shone shoot shot shot show showed shown shut shut shut sing sang sung sink sank sunk sit sat sat sleep slept slept slide slid slid speak spoke spoken spend spent spent spin spun spun spread spread spread stand stood stood steal stole stolen stick stuck stuck sting stung stung strike struck struck swear swore sworn sweep swept swept swim swam swum swing swung swung T take took taken teach taught taught tear tore torn tell told told think thought thought throw threw thrown U understand understood understood W wake woke woken wear wore worn win won won withdraw withdrew withdrawn write wrote written
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Past Tense Verb Quiz

Click on the line to show the past tense verb below. (Under Construction 2018-05-25th)
A B C D E F G H I K L M P Q R S T U W   A
am → ___________
arise → ___________
babysit → ___________
be → ___________
beat → ___________
become → ___________
bend → ___________
begin → ___________
bet → ___________
bind → ___________
bite → ___________
bleed → ___________
blow → ___________
break → ___________
breed → ___________
bring → ___________
broadcast → ___________
build → ___________
buy → ___________   C catch → ___________
choose → ___________
come → ___________
cost → ___________
cut → ___________   D deal → ___________
dig → ___________
do → ___________
draw → ___________
drink → ___________
drive → ___________   E eat → ___________


  F fall → ___________
feed → ___________
feel → ___________
fight → ___________
find → ___________
fly → ___________
forbid → ___________
forget → ___________
forgive → ___________
freeze → ___________   G get → ___________
give → ___________
go → ___________
grow → ___________   H hang → ___________
have → ___________
hear → ___________
hide → ___________
hit → ___________
hold → ___________
hurt → ___________   I is → ___________   K keep → ___________
know → ___________   L lay → ___________
lead → ___________
leave → ___________
lend → ___________
let → ___________
lie → ___________
light→ ___________
lose → ___________


  M make → ___________
mean → ___________
meet → ___________   P pay → ___________
put → ___________   Q quit → ___________   R read → ___________
ride → ___________
ring → ___________
rise → ___________
run → ___________   S say → ___________
see → ___________
sell → ___________
send → ___________
set → ___________
shake → ___________
shine → ___________
shoot → ___________
show → ___________
shut → ___________
sing → ___________
sink → ___________
sit → ___________
sleep → ___________
slide → ___________
speak → ___________
spend → ___________
spin → ___________
spread → ___________
stand → ___________
steal → ___________
stick → ___________
sting → ___________
strike → ___________
swear → ___________
sweep → ___________
swim → ___________
swing → ___________   T take → ___________
teach → ___________
tear → ___________
tell → ___________
think → ___________
throw → ___________   U understand → ___________   W wake → ___________
wear → ___________
win → ___________
withdraw → ___________
write → ___________
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