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Past Tense Verbs – old

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Past Tense

atedrank, etc… In English, past tense verbs are actions or events that have finished. There are regular verbs that simply end with a “d” or an “ed” and irregular verbs that look different from the original verb sometimes using an “ied” at the end, like in the past tense verb married. Regular Verb: “I have cereal every day.” Past Tense: “I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast yesterday. ” The past tense is used when things have been discontinued from the present, and a story is already over. For example, if I was told “I worked there for 15 years.“, I can see that I am no longer working there. On the contrary, if I was told “I have worked there for 15 years.“, using the present completion form, since it is a tense with continuity with the present, I am still working there. Similarly, in the case of comparing “I lost his meeting notes.” and “I have lost his meeting notes.“, we can see in the latter sentence that I have not found the notes yet, whereas in the former sentence it is “lost”. Just finding the story of saying that it may have been discovered after that, it means that you may not have discovered it yet.


Glen is a really nice teacher. You should try his lessons. He helped me learn a lot and is good at explaining the differences between words.



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