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Lost and Found Offices in Sapporo

Lost and Found Offices – Sapporo: Here is a list of the main lost and found offices


If you are riding on a subway train or streetcar and forget your belongings please call the Transportation Bureau Lost and Found Center on 011-241-2938


For all items lost on buses please inquire at the nearest office of the bus company you used.


In Sapporo there is one company that looks after all lost and found items. Unless you catch a taxi that is from another area like Ebetsu, call the Sapporo Taxi Association on 011-561-1173 to find missing items.

Lost Articles On The Street:

For items lost on the street, go to the nearest police station or police box. For items left on the subway or on buses, contact the relevant transportation company.


Lost and Found Section

Did you lose something?

Check the Lost and Found. See Glen Rowell, located at 506 Asahi Plaza Kairakuen, North 6 West 6, 2-1, North Ward, Sapporo. Items turned in, will end up in this location.

Did you find something?

Please turn the item over to Glen Rowell in the building where the item was found. You will be asked to fill out a “Found Item” report, or be asked for your name and he will fill out the report. You are not obligated to give your name. The item then goes to the Lost and Found, where it is held to be claimed.

Items kept for three months GET disposed of or given AWAY to charity.

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