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Notice: This school will be closed from October 27th (Thu) to November 10th (Thu) for remodeling.
Please email us if you have any question or telephone us after November 11th (Fri). Thank you.

Online Lessons (Smart Phones, Tablets, Computers)

Online Lessons

* Online lessons must be paid for in advanced.
The price of English or Japanese lessons online are the same as lesson at our school.

We teach online lessons using Line, Skype, WeChat, Kakao Talk, Facebook Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, etc.

View in Japanese

After you have installed a web chat program:

1. Email or call us to reserve a lesson. Contact Page

2. Pay money to study directly to us in cash, by postal bank account or by regular bank account.

3. Study.

 Online lessons in English or Japanese

It doesn’t matter if you live in Fukuoka, Sendai, Osaka, or Tokyo, you can take lessons from wherever you live. Study from your workplace, school, or part time job, etc. If you can use the internet on a computer, iPad, iPhone, smart phone, iPod, etc., feel free to schedule online lessons at your desired time using either Line, Skype, Kakao Talk, Facebook Messenger, or Yahoo Messenger.


Online lessons

※ If you are using a PC (Personal Computer; Computer), you will need speakers and microphone for most lessons. If you haven’t taken an online lesson before and need help setting up your computer feel free to send us a message anytime. Contact Page

Skype headphones and microphoneSkype を利用したオンライン英会話レッスンで、自宅、職場、学校等どこにいても本格的なレッスンを受けられます。

教室でレッスンするのとほぼ同じように、きちんとご要望に応じてプランを設定し(テキスト使用等)英会話の実力を上げるための勉強をしていきます。 あなたのレベルに合わせた勉強をしていただけます。

Internet Phone (Skype Lessons etc)

If you do not have a PC, online lesson can still be done on SKYPE compatible cell phones. This type of lesson is recommended for those who have an unlimited data plan or home wifi connection.


Skype Lessons

Online English Lessons: Skypeで話せる

オンライン英会話:スカイプ(Skype)、ヤフーメッセンジャー(Yahoo Messenger)、又は・マイクロソフトMSNメッセンジャー(MSN Messenger)Online English lessons from your office or home on Skype, Line, WeChat, KakaoTalk, Yahoo Messenger, or other approved programs.

Easy to use software, free setup support, and free downloads

Skype は、無料の音声通話、ビデオ通話、インスタントメッセージをインターネット経由で提供します。 さらに、世界中の固定電話と携帯電話にも格安通話を発信できます。

★Online Private Lessons

1 student





★Online Semi-private Lessons

2 to 3 students

This course is recommended for people that like to study with others. Lessons can be paid for in advance by the month, or lesson by lesson.

  • Study English for overseas trips with your family and friends together.
  • Parent and children English conversation lessons.
  • This type of lesson is also good for brother and sister groups.

★Online Group Lessons

4 or more students

・Learn English conversation with your family, friends and/or co-workers.

Lesson Fees

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