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Discussing Details of Moving in – ESL

Discussing Details of Moving in Conversation 1. 01 A: When can I move into my new house? 02 B: The current owners will be moving out on Tuesday, so technically you could pick up the keys and move in on Wednesday. 03 A: Will the utilities be turned on? 04 B: You need to contact the utility company and make arrangements to transfer the utilities to your name. 05 A: I really want to paint the walls right away and get the carpet cleaned. 06 B: If I were you, I would take a few days to take care of those things before you move in. 07 A: I was thinking that I should have my new appliances delivered as we are moving in. 08 B: That would be perfect. That way, someone will be there, but you will have them right away. 09 A: Can you help me on my move-in day? 10 B: I think that I have something else really important to do on that day. I just can’t remember what it is. Discussing Details of Moving in JACET8000 Word Level L5: technically (1), utilities (2), utility (1) L4: appliances (1)L2: bold words JET2020 Word Level SH = Senior High School; JH = Junior High School WordFrequencyLemma Word Form(s)Levelutility3utilities (2), utility (1)SHmoving2moving (2)SHcurrent1current (1)SHtechnically1technically (1)SHarrangement1arrangements (1)SHtransfer1transfer (1)SHappliance1appliances (1)SHowner1owners (1)JH2company1company (1)JH2carpet1carpet (1)JH2if1if (1)JH2deliver1delivered (1)JH2move4move (4)JH1will4will (4)JH1away2away (2)JH1into1into (1)JH1so1so (1)JH1could1could (1)JH1pick1pick (1)JH1key1keys (1)JH1need1need (1)JH1contact1contact (1)JH1paint1paint (1)JH1wall1walls (1)JH1were1were (1)JH1few1few (1)JH1care1care (1)JH1those1those (1)JH1thing1things (1)JH1before1before (1)JH1should1should (1)JH1as1as (1)JH1perfect1perfect (1)JH1way1way (1)JH1someone1someone (1)JH1there1there (1)JH1but1but (1)JH1them1them (1)JH1something1something (1)JH1else1else (1)JH1important1important (1)JH1just1just (1)JH1remember1remember (1)JH1 CEFR-J WordFrequencyLemma Word Form(s)POSLevelappliance1appliances (1)NOUNNAutility3utilities (2), utility (1)NOUNB2technically1technically (1)ADVB2deliver1delivered (1)VERBB1current1current (1)ADJB1arrangement1arrangements (1)NOUNB1transfer1transfer (1)VERBB1carpet1carpet (1)NOUNB1move5move (3), moving (2)VERBA2in3in (3)ADVA2perfect1perfect (1)ADJA2few1few (1)ADJA2on1on (1)ADVA2so1so (1)ADVA2up1up (1)ADVA2need1need (1)VERBA2contact1contact (1)VERBA2company1company (1)NOUNA2 Discussing Details of Moving in Conversation 2. A: What would be a good day to finally move into the house? B: You can pick up your keys on Tuesday night. When you actually move in is up to you. A: Will the electricity and water be on, […]

English for Kids: Daily Phrases, Dialogue, Video with Subtitles

View All Dialogues + English for Kids English for kids that want to improve their speaking skills. Part 1 Scene 1: In the classroom 0:10 Good morning. Good morning, everyone. How are you? Fine, thanks. How are you? Great! Come in, please. Nice to meet you. My name is Kate. Nice to meet you, too. Sit down, please. Thank you. Scene 2: In the hall, outside the music room 0:45 Singing ♪ Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. How are you? I’m fine (x2). I’m fine, thank you. This is the music room. Wow! They are good. La la la la la. Ha ha ha ha ha. Scene 3: In the hall and in the library 1:05 That’s the school library. Wow! Many books. Good afternoon, everyone. Good afternoon, Mr. Kim. My name is Kate. How are you? I’m great. Nice to meet you Kate. Scene 4: At Sally’s house 1:42 Hello. Hello, Sally. What’s this? It’s a book. What’s that? Ha ha. It’s a box. Wow! Wow! What’s that? It’s a pencil. Thank you. Your welcome. Wow! Pizza. Scene 5: In the dojo 2:51 Look they do Taekwondo. Wow! Who is he? He is my taekwondo teacher. Who is she? She is my friend. She is wonderful. Scene 6: At a concert 3:19 ♪ La la la la la la la.. Wow! Who is she? I don’t know. Mike, is she your mom? Yes, she’s my mom. Scene 7: At school 3:45 Let’s sing a song together. Great! I can’t sing. La la la la la… Scene 8: Walking bikes 4:04 What time do you get up? I get up at 6. I go to school at 7:30. Wow! You’re an early bird. Thank you. Look it’s a new bike. What a nice bike. Yes, it’s very nice. Whose bike is this? It’s Mike’s. Mike, is this your bike? Yes, it’s mine. Wow! You have a nice bike. Thanks. Scene 9: At school 4:55 What’s that? My birthday invitation. […]

Spicy Food & Conjunctions

Carly used to love eating spicy food. It makes her sweat and causes a lot of stomach pain no though. Bryan really likes the taste of spicy food.

付加疑問文 | Tag Questions + Dialogue

付加疑問文 Tag Questions + Dialogue Listen for the tag questions. View All Dialogues + Mari: You know what’s the worst? Alison: What? Mari: When you have to go to the bathroom so badly, and you just cannot find a public restroom. Alison: It’s so true, and there aren’t very many alternatives. Mari: No. And I feel like we’re so lucky in the US because we have a lot of public restrooms. If you’ve traveled extensively, you don’t always get to places that have them. Alison: Exactly. Mari: And then you realize… Pretty lucky. Now, the flip side of that is that they are not always the cleanest places, are they? Alison: I know! I always worry about my hygiene when I go in. I was in a public restroom the other day, and there were no soap dispensers and no paper towels. Mari: I understand. And sometimes, there’s a lack of privacy, like there’s not really doors, and the door doesn’t lock. But you know, when it’s an emergency, they’re your best resource. Alison: I am glad we have options. Discussion Mari and Jessica agree that public bathrooms have advantages and disadvantages. They are not usually clean places, and Jessica worries about her hygiene whenever she uses a public restroom. Also, because they are public, these bathrooms are often missing necessary supplies, like soap and paper towels. And they don’t always give people enough privacy.However, Mari and Jessica also think that, in an emergency situation, a public bathroom is a wonderful resource. Not every country has restrooms for people to use when they are traveling around town. Marni thinks people in the US should feel lucky because they have the option to use public restrooms, and Jessica agrees with her.Do you have many public bathrooms in your country? Are these bathrooms clean or dirty? Grammar Point Tag Questions 付加疑問文 Marni and Alison are talking about public bathrooms. Mari says, “Now, the flipside of that is that they are not always the cleanest places, are they?” She uses a tag question.Tag questions are two word tags added to the end of a statement to […]

Restaurant English – Common Expressions Waiters, & Staff Use

When you go to a restaurant, you usually know what is going to happen and that is because eating at a restaurant usually follows a set script. The waiters aren’t given one to memorize, of course. But even so, waiters and waitresses usually stick to a very narrow range of English phrases. Here is what you can usually expect to hear when going to a restaurant.

ホテルや旅館のチェックインの会話 – Hotel Check-in Counter

ホテル チェックイン 会話 – Hotel Check-in Counter: 快適なホテルライフは、スムーズなチェックインから。にこやかな会話でスタートしたいですね。よく聞き取れない場合は、慌てず堂々と聞き返しましょう。★ どのようなご用件でしょうか?

#/trackback – The Art of Website Trackback Etiquette

The Art of Website Trackback Etiquette Trackback Etiquette: Using trackbacking as a traffic building tool is a fine art. Many bloggers make the mistake of going trackback crazy before their blog has enough or even any content. This may bring new readers in but they will not stay long or bookmark your site as you don’t give them a reason to. It is also important to know your place in the blog hierarchy. The really popular bloggers are trackbacked constantly so you will not likely get their attention by trackbacking because you will be one of many. You need to carefully pick and choose who you trackback and when you trackback if you want to use it for building your blog traffic. Trackback spam is also a big problem nowadays, so when you receive a trackback to your blog, make sure you check to see the blog that initiated it, it could be a spam blog. You will know this because the blog doesn’t have any original content, it just republishes the content of other blogs. I suggest you delete any trackback spam and only let the real trackbacks from real blogs go through live on to your blog or website. Try some trackbacks today and see if it will open doors to new relationships with other bloggers. Here’s to your blogging success, Yaro Starak from Entrepreneurs-Journey Edited by Glen Rowell

What is a trackback link? Trackbacks, Pingbacks and Linkbacks

Trackback Links Trackback links are one of four types of linkback methods. They allow website companies or authors to request a notification. The notification is to show when somebody links to one of their web pages or documents. They enable them to keep track of who is linking to their articles. Some weblog software and content management systems, such as SilverStripe, WordPress, Drupal, and Movable Type, support automatic pingbacks. Pingbacks allow links in a published article to ping when published. Pingbacks are automated and don’t send any content. The term trackback is for any kind of linkback. How To Send A Trackback Each blogging software system handles trackbacks differently. Bloggers can also choose to switch them off or require every one be approved before going live. Don’t be surprised when you send a trackback and it doesn’t show up. It may have nothing to do with you. Some websites will trackback automatically, or attempt to, especially if they are the same format. For example a WordPress blog trackbacking a WordPress blog. In that case as long as you include a link to the other blog’s post your blog will attempt a trackback. This is sometimes also called a pingback. Usually you have to manually enter a trackback URI into the blog entry you are creating. You can find the URI at the end of most blog posts. Take a look at your blog posts for the term Trackback URI or something similar. URL = Uniform Resource Locator, a fancy name for a link URI = Uniform Resource Identifier, another fancy name for a link In WordPress and for each blog post I make there is a trackback input box section for entering trackback URIs. I copy and paste the trackback URI from the blog entry I want to link to and when I click publish my blog will send the trackback. My blog will also confirm when a trackback has been sent after publishing my post. How To Get Traffic If you follow […]

How to Study in Six Simple Steps

How to Study in Six Simple Steps Space (1) How to Study: It is easier to study when you are in a comfortable space. Make room, mentally and physically, for studying. Take a deep breath and pause for a moment before you start. Remember the types of things that make you comfortable. Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can focus without distractions. Place (2) Personalize your workspace. Surround yourself with items that inspire and motivate you. This could include quotes, posters or images that help you remember things. Arrange your desk and study materials in a way that makes it easy to study. Use organizers, shelves and containers to keep everything tidy but accessible. Also remove all the things you don’t need on your desk. Lots of people just pile up stuff and move it to the side but this makes it difficult to study at times. Pace (3) Notice the way you like to work, and adjust your pace accordingly. If you work slowly just allow more time to study. A 10-minute break for 30 minutes study works for a lot of people. Also don’t forget to check how much you actually remembering after studying for about 30 minutes. It’s easy to study for hours but not remember what you have been studying. Memory (4) Our brains are wired to remember the first and last things best. So use this to your advantage by putting the most important bits of information there. Method (5) It’s always good to have a plan. However big or complex your task may look at first sight, with a feasible plan you can always find a way to manage it. When studying, break your biggest goal into smaller chunks or tasks. It’s best if each of these chunks consists of a single topic. Often, you’ll discover one or two key elements that stand out and get fixed in your mind. You can then use those as building blocks. Classic tricks used by memory […]


Your Current Search If you are looking for a certain thing and can’t find it, use our menu on the right side of this site, or try our search engine :) Navigation If a navigation bar is the roadmap to a website, it’s probably best to show every page there, right? That way people are sure to find what they need… Actually, not so much. Many people take the “more is more” approach to their top (or side) navigation menu—the logic being that if visitors need to find something, at least they’ll be able to find it in the main menu. The thing is, navigation menus work best when they are short and sweet. There’s a few reasons for this: User experience: A short menu is easier and faster for people to read through—if they have to hunt through lots of options, they are more likely to bounce. Search engine optimization (SEO): A short, clear menu makes it easier for search engines to navigate, understand, and index your site. Design: Most website templates are designed with one line of navigation in mind. Adding more than that can make your navigation look crowded, hard to read, and in some cases “break” the style of your website. Does the navigation bar need help? One way to assess a website is to simply count the number of menu items in the navigation. A good rule of thumb is to keep it to no more than seven choices. Any more than that, and you may be stretching your readers’ attention spans. Another sign is if you see the navigation breaking onto two lines. If this is happens, it’s a good idea to reconsider the presentation of pages.    

DCW (Digital Camera Warehouse) Offers Great Discounts to Students

DCW Discount DCW (Digital Camera Warehouse) is offering English students great discounts on cameras and also photography lessons. If interested, contact their stores in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. *Free delivery of products, Australia wide. Glen (^-^)v Sapporo Eikaiwa AGREATDREAM DWC FAQs Buying from Us How can I contact you or buy from you? We have 4 stores (Brisbane, Melbourne and 2 in Sydney). Plus we have a contact centre available during the same trading hours as all of our stores. Call us on 1300 365 220. You can also order right here on our website 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our prices are the same in our stores, over the phone and online. Are the prices you advertise (online and in-store) the best price you can do? Yes they are. We have the same price in-store, online and on the phone. Every customer has the same opportunities to get a great price regardless of where they shop. Our sales teams in our stores and on the phone talk to our customers about product, not price. No haggling, no deals. Just real customer service. The first priority of our sales team is to listen, then to ask relevant questions to find out what our customer needs in a camera or accessory. And then our sales team can help narrow down the search and make sure our customer gets the right product. That’s our priority. Are there any extra charges for using my credit card? There is no charge when using MasterCard or Visa credit cards. Amex cards incur a 2% surcharge. Shipping and Handling Will you ship my order? Yes. We ship anywhere in Australia. If any part of your item is temporarily out of stock we will ship what we have and ship the rest as soon as it comes in. You will only be charged one delivery fee. How much will shipping and handling cost? Shipping and handling is a one-off charge. The shipping and handling […]

Study Tips + How to Study English Effectively – Version 2

Study Tips – Below are a few ideas on studying English effectively. There are many ways to study English, but many students ask which is the most effective. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a single answer that is right for every student. However… I can certainly give advice. Here are some helpful guidelines as to how to study that should help. Warming-up to Study English Just as there are exercises to help you warm up before you play some basketball or other sport, there are exercises which can help you warm up to study English. Here are some simple exercises to help you warm up. How to Study EffectivelyStudy Tips 1: Activate Your Vocabulary Activate your vocabulary by thinking or speaking briefly about the subject you are about to work on. For example, if you are going to study English on topics that focuses on vacations, take a moment to think about your last vacation, what you did, what you enjoyed, etc. This simple exercise will help your brain warm-up to vocabulary that you are likely to encounter as you study English about this particular subject. 2: Activate Your Grammar Activate your grammar by thinking about the general grammar area before you begin to study. For example, if you are going to study English grammar focusing on the past, stop to think about what you did last weekend, where you went, etc. to help activate what you already understand about using the past. As with activating vocabulary, you’ll help your brain bring up what it knows about the past simple in an easy way before you begin to focus on studying English grammar in detail. 3: Sing a Song Before class begins, or before you sit down to study English sing a song in English to yourself. Make sure to use a song that you understand and know very well. This short and fun exercise will help your brain focus on the English language in a relaxing manner. It’s […]

Hokkaido Explorer ・ 北海道エクスプローラー (hokkaidoexplorer.com)

Hokkaido Explorer: If you are in Hokkaido and looking for English travel information check out this new website. It has stories and videos about food, drinks, famous places and people around Hokkaido. Hokkaido Explorer ・ 北海道エクスプローラー hokkaidoexplorer.com Hokkaido Tour Guide If you are looking for hotels or information on Hokkaido, another website you can check out is https://hokkaido.a4jp.com  It has hotel and event information mainly for East Hokkaido. The North Island Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan’s main islands, is known for its volcanoes, natural hot springs (onsens) and ski areas. Daisetsuzan National Park is home to steaming, volcanic Mount Asahi. Shikotsu-Tōya National Park contains caldera lakes, geothermal springs and a Mount Fuji look-alike called Mount Yōtei. If you are looking for a popular ski resort you can visit areas like Rusutsu, Furano and Niseko, also smaller ski areas like Onze and Bunkei too. Hokkaido Explorer Area: 83,450 km²Weather: 0°C, Wind NW at 6 m/s, 77% HumidityPopulation of Hokkaido: 5,381,733 (Oct 1st, 2015, Census)Older Population of Hokkaido: 5.474 million (Mar 31, 2012, Wiki), 5,506,419 (Oct 1st, 2010, Census)…Capital: SapporoPeak: Asahi-dakeFormerly known as Ezo, Yezo, Yeso…It ranks first in national production of agricultural products: including beef, corn, wheat, soybeans, potatoes, sugar beet, onions, pumpkins, and raw milk. Hokkaido also accounts for 22% of Japan’s forests with a sizable timber industry.Japan’s coldest region, Hokkaido has relatively cool summers and icy/snowy winters. Snowfall varies widely from as much as 11 meters (400 in) on the mountains adjacent to the Sea of Japan down to around 1.8 meters (71 in) on the Pacific coast. Education Hokkaido has 37 universities (7 national, 5 local public, and 25 private universities), 34 junior colleges, and 5 colleges of technology (4 national and 1 local public colleges).Colleges and Universities: Hokkaido University, Hokkai Gakuen University, Hokkaido University of Science, Hokkaido University of Education, Sapporo Medical University, Health Sciences University of Hokkaido… Population of Japan: 126,476,461 (Oct 1st, 2020, Census)

Emulate – Vocabulary

Emulate: To strive to equal or excel, especially through imitation Emulate – Vocabulary ˈɛmjʊleɪt/ verb: emulate; 3rd person present: emulates; past tense: emulated; past participle: emulated; gerund or present participle: emulating Match or surpass (a person or achievement), typically by imitation. “most rulers wished to emulate Alexander the Great” Synonyms imitate, copy, reproduce, mimic, mirror, echo, follow, model oneself on, take as a model, take as an example; imitate. “hers is not a hairstyle I wish to emulate” Computing reproduce the function or action of (a different computer, software system, etc.). “The adaptor is factory set to emulate an NVidia graphics board.” Other Examples Charleston wants to emulate Manhattan’s selfie-ready linear park but avoid the displacement it wrought. Is that possible? Published in 1991, it’s not the oldest emulation that’s on offer but it’s probably the best for feeling like you’re using a full computer setup. The Philadelphia 76ers should be looking to emulate the San Antonio Spurs and their success statistically in almost every season. Gandhi Sangrahalay director Razi Ahmad on Thursday called upon the students to emulate the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi Origin late 16th century: from Latin aemulat- ‘rivalled, equalled’, from the verb aemulari, from aemulus ‘rival’. Japanese 1. 倣う (narau): imitate 2. 競う (kisou): to compete with 3. 傚う (narau): imitate; follow 4. エミュレート (emyure-to) View Other Word Lists

DLS… What does it mean? Dirty Little Secret, Dynamic Light Scattering

What does DLS mean? Web Acronyms: DLSThe meaning of DLS (acronym/abbreviation/slang word)Ever wondered what DLS really means? Slang words, abbreviations and acronyms are listed here on the Sapporo Eikaiwa AGREATDREAM Internet Slang Dictionary. Your resource for web acronyms, web abbreviations and netspeak. The DLS DefinitionThe definition of DLS is “Dirty Little Secret” slang dictionary DLS is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the definition is given. The All-American Rejects – Dirty Little Secret – Music Video with Song Lyrics Song Lyrics: Let me know that I’ve done wrong When I’ve known this all along I go around a time or two Just to waste my time with you Tell me all that you’ve thrown away Find out games you don’t wanna play You are the only one that needs to know [Chorus] I’ll keep you my dirty little secret (Dirty little secret) Don’t tell anyone, or you’ll be just another regret (Just another regret, hope that you can keep it) My dirty little secret Who has to know When we live such fragile lives? It’s the best way we survive I go around a time or two Just to waste my time with you Tell me all that you’ve thrown away Find out games you don’t wanna play You are the only one that needs to know [Chorus] Who has to know The way she feels inside (inside)? Those thoughts I can’t deny (deny) These sleeping thoughts won’t lie (won’t lie) And all I’ve tried to hide It’s eating me apart Trace this life out I’ll keep you my dirty little secret (Dirty little secret) Don’t tell anyone, or you’ll be just another regret (Just another regret) [Chorus] Dirty little secret Dirty little secret Who has to know? Who has to know? View TOEIC Vocabulary page

Verbs: What are Verbs?

Verbs describe the way someone or something does something. They describe an action, like the words eat, sleep, love, and study. They are actions, words that involve motion or physical activity. Example List(動詞リスト) Verbs beginning with the letter A acceptaddadmireadmitadviseaffordagreealertallowamuseanalyseannounceannoyanswerapologiseappearapplaudappreciateapprovearguearrangearrestarriveaskattachattackattemptattendattractavoid Beginning with the letter B backbakebalancebanbangbarebatbathebattlebeambegbehavebelongbleachblessblindblinkblotblushboastboilboltbombbookboreborrowbouncebowboxbrakebranchbreathebruisebrushbubblebumpburnburybuzz Verbs beginning  with the letter C calculatecallcampcarecarrycarvecausechallengechangechargechasecheatcheckcheerchewchokechopclaimclapcleanclearclipclosecoachcoilcollectcolourcombcommandcommunicatecomparecompetecomplaincompleteconcentrateconcernconfessconfuseconnectconsiderconsistcontaincontinuecopycorrectcoughcountcovercrackcrashcrawlcrosscrushcrycurecurlcurvecycle Verbs beginning with the letter D damdamagedancedaredecaydeceivedecidedecoratedelaydelightdeliverdependdescribedesertdeservedestroydetectdevelopdisagreedisappeardisapprovedisarmdiscoverdislikedividedoubledoubtdragdraindreamdressdripdropdrowndrumdrydust Beginning with the letter E earneducateembarrassemployemptyencourageendenjoyenterentertainescapeexamineexciteexcuseexerciseexistexpandexpectexplainexplodeextend Verbs beginning with the letter F facefadefailfancyfastenfaxfearfencefetchfilefillfilmfirefitfixflapflashfloatfloodflowflowerfoldfollowfoolforceformfoundframefrightenfry Verbs beginning with the letter G gathergazeglowgluegrabgrategreasegreetgringripgroanguaranteeguardguessguide Beginning with the letter H hammerhandhandlehanghappenharassharmhatehauntheadhealheapheathelphookhophopehoverhughumhunthurry Verbs beginning with the letter I identifyignoreimagineimpressimproveincludeincreaseinfluenceinforminjectinjureinstructintendinterestinterfereinterruptintroduceinventinviteirritateitch Verbs beginning with the letter J jailjamjogjoinjokejudgejugglejump Verbs beginning with the letter K kickkillkisskneelknitknockknot Beginning with the letter L labellandlastlaughlaunchlearnlevellicenselicklielightenlikelistlistenliveloadlocklonglooklove Verbs beginning with the letter M manmanagemarchmarkmarrymatchmatemattermeasuremeddlemeltmemorisemendmess upmilkminemissmixmoanmoormournmovemuddlemugmultiplymurder Verbs beginning with the letter N nailnameneednestnodnotenoticenumber Verbs beginning with the letter O obeyobjectobserveobtainoccuroffendofferopenorderoverflowoweown Beginning with the letter P packpaddlepaintparkpartpasspastepatpausepeckpedalpeelpeepperformpermitphonepickpinchpineplaceplanplantplaypleaseplugpointpokepolishpoppossesspostpourpractisepraypreachprecedepreferpreparepresentpreservepresspretendpreventprickprintproduceprogrampromiseprotectprovidepullpumppunchpuncturepunishpush Verbs beginning with the letter Q questionqueue   Verbs beginning with the letter R raceradiaterainraisereachrealisereceiverecogniserecordreducereflectrefuseregretreignrejectrejoicerelaxreleaserelyremainrememberremindremoverepairrepeatreplacereplyreportreproducerequestrescueretirereturnrhymerinseriskrobrockrollrotrubruinrulerush Verbs beginning with the letter S sacksailsatisfysavesawscarescatterscoldscorchscrapescratchscreamscrewscribblescrubsealsearchseparateservesettleshadeshareshavesheltershivershockshopshrugsighsignsignalsinsipskiskipslapslipslowsmashsmellsmilesmokesnatchsneezesniffsnoresnowsoaksoothesoundsparesparksparklespellspillspoilspotspraysproutsquashsqueaksquealsqueezestainstampstarestartstaysteerstepstirstitchstopstorestrapstrengthenstretchstripstrokestuffsubtractsucceedsucksuffersuggestsuitsupplysupportsupposesurprisesurroundsuspectsuspendswitch Beginning with the letter T talktametaptasteteasetelephonetemptterrifytestthankthawticktickletietimetiptiretouchtourtowtracetradetraintransporttraptraveltreattrembletricktriptrottroubletrusttrytugtumbleturntwisttype Verbs beginning with the letter U undressunfastenuniteunlockunpackuntidyuse Verbs beginning with the letter V vanishvisitvotevomit Verbs beginning with the letter W wailwaitwalkwanderwantwarmwarnwashwastewatchwaterwaveweighwelcomewhinewhipwhirlwhisperwhistlewinkwipewishwobblewonderworkworrywrapwreckwrestlewriggle Please wait here.Walk through the park if you want to get there quicker. Beginning with the letter X x-rayxeroxed   They had to x-ray her arm. Beginning with the letter Y yankyawnyell  You don’t need to yell that loud. Beginning with the letter Z zipzoom Grammar and Examples: • Mr. Rowell takes a lesson in the morning. What does Mr. Rowell do? He takes a lesson. The action he is doing is “taking” a lesson. So the action is denoted by the word “takes”. In that case that word “takes” is the verb. • The university hired him.Here, the word “hired” is the verb. • His boss refused to support him at critical moments.Here, the word “refused” is the verb. • The students write their papers in the Sapporo City Hall.Here, the word “write” is the verb.  The verbs can be classified in different […]

Common Spelling Mistakes Made In English

Common Spelling Mistakes: Quiz + Word List English spelling can be tricky, even for English speakers! This is because English is not 100% phonetic and also because there are so many exceptions… Take the mini 12 question test to check how good you are at spelling. The questions and answers are randomized each time so the test should be a little different every time. Mini Online Spelling Test Word List A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z 間違いやすい綴りの英単語の一覧Below is a list with common spelling mistakes made in English Correct Spelling ◯ Misspelt/Misspelled Words X Words Beginning with the Letter A ◯aberration Xabberration ◯accessibility Xaccessability ◯accommodation Xaccomodationacommodation ◯achieve Xacheive ◯address Xadress ◯advertisement X advertisment ◯a lot or allot Xalot ◯ulterior Xalterior ◯appreciated Xapreciated ◯atheist Xathiest ◯available Xavailibleavalable B ◯beginning Xbeggining ◯believe Xbeleive C ◯category Xcatagory ◯Caucasian XCaucasion ◯cemetery Xcemetary ◯commitment(but committed, committing, committee) Xcommittment ◯consensus Xconcensus ◯conceive Xconcieve ◯confirmation Xconfermation ◯copyright Xcopywrite D ◯Dalmatian XDalmation ◯decaffeinated Xdecaffinated ◯decathlon Xdecathalon ◯definitely Xdefinatelydefinetlydefinatlydefinantlydefinentlydefiantly ◯definitions Xdefanitions ◯dependence Xdependance ◯desiccate Xdessicatedesicate ◯desirable Xdesireable ◯diarrhoea Xdiarhea ◯disappoint Xdissapoint ◯dispel Xdispell E ◯embarrass Xembarass ◯environment Xenviroment ◯espresso Xexpresso F ◯fascist Xfacist ◯February XFebuary ◯fifty Xfivety ◯fluorescent Xfluoroscent ◯fluoride Xflouride ◯fourteen Xforteen ◯forty Xfourty ◯friend Xfreind G ◯genealogy Xgeneology ◯Glen XGren, Gran, Glan ◯government Xgoverment ◯grammar Xgrammer H ◯hamster Xhampster ◯harass Xharrass ◯hemorrhage (American English spelling) haemorrhage (British (Commonwealth) English spelling) Xhemorage ◯heroes Xheros ◯height Xhight ◯hygiene Xhygeine ◯hypocrisy Xhypocrasy I ◯independence Xindependance ◯innate Xinate ◯incompatibility Xincompatability ◯inoculate Xinnoculate ◯interesting Xintresting J ◯judge Xjuge K ◯knowledge Xknowlege L ◯laser Xlazer ◯library Xlibary ◯lightning Xlightening M ◯manageable Xmanagable ◯millennium Xmillenium ◯mischievous Xmischievious ◯misspell Xmispell ◯missile Xmissle ◯monastery(remember that “monastic” is not “monestic”) Xmonestary ◯monkeys Xmonkies ◯mortgage Xmorgage ◯mountain Xmountian N ◯necessary Xneccessary ◯niece Xneice ◯nickel Xnickle ◯ninth Xnineth […]

Zucchini (Courgette) – Healthy Snacks

How to prepare and cook the zucchini Cut a zucchini into 5mm thick circles. Put the cut zucchini into a bowl, with just enough water to cover the pieces. Put a microwave safe lid on the bowl. Microwave at 500W for 5 minutes and 30 seconds. Eat after it cools down a bit. Health benefits of zucchini (courgette) At only 17 calories per 100g, they are great to use in weight reduction and cholesterol control programs. They contain no saturated fats or cholesterol either. The peel is good source of dietary fiber which offers some protection against colon cancers and helps reduce constipation. Relatively moderate source of folates, consists of 24 mcg or 6% of RDA per 100g. Folates are important in cell division and DNA synthesis. When taken adequately before pregnancy, it can help prevent neural tube defects in the fetus. Very good source of potassium which is a heart friendly electrolyte and important intracellular electrolyte; helps reduce blood pressure and heart rates by countering effects of sodium. Fresh zucchinis are rich in vitamin A; they provide about 200 IU per 100 grams. Golden skin zucchinis are rich in flavonoid polyphenolic antioxidants such as carotenes, lutein and zeaxanthin. These compounds help find and remove harmful oxygen-derived free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) from the body that play a role in aging and various disease process. Fresh pods, are good source of antioxidant vitamin-C. They provide about 17.9 mcg or 30% of RDA per 100g. Good in B-complex group of vitamins like thiamin, pyridoxine, riboflavin and minerals like iron, manganese, phosphorus, zinc and potassium.

The history/origin of the question mark – Where did it come from?

Question Mark The question mark (?; also known as an interrogation point, interrogation mark, question point, query or eroteme), is a punctuation mark that replaces the full stop (period) at the end of an interrogative sentence in English and many other languages. The question mark is not used for indirect questions. It is also often used in place of missing or unknown data. ?????????????? Origin: Long ago when scholars wrote in Latin, they would place the word questio – meaning “question” at the end of a sentence to indicate a query. Soon questio was shortened to qo to save space when writing, but this caused a different problem – readers might mistake it for the ending of a word. So they squashed the letters into a symbol (a lowercased q on top of an o). Over time the o became just a dot and the q changed into a squiggle, giving us our current question mark.  * Try not to use question marks with other marks. It is considered bad to use a question mark in combination with other marks. In Japan, you may see this type of usage in manga books. Especially when translated from Japanese into English → !? Question marks can be used with other marks in informal prose to convey complex tones though: He told you what!? This combination (or similar combination) of punctuation marks is sometimes called an interrobang. The interrobang currently has no role in academic prose though. Rule 1.  Use a question mark only after a direct question. Correct: Will Akiko go with me?Incorrect: I’m asking if Akiko will go with me? Rule 2a.  A question mark replaces a period at the end of a sentence. Incorrect: Will you go with me?. Rule 2b.  Because of Rule 2a, capitalize the word that follows a question mark. Some writers choose to overlook this rule in special cases. Example: Will you go with me? with Joe? with anyone? Rule 3a.  Avoid the common trap of using question marks with indirect questions, which are statements that contain questions. Use a period after an indirect question. Incorrect: I wonder if Glen would go with me?Correct:I wonder if Glen would go with me.ORI […]

Beef Stir-Fry Recipe

Beef Stir-Fry tips: Thinly Slice your beefCut steak against the grainSear over high heat (sealing in the juices)Don’t crowd the pan which cools the pan quickly and results in chewy beef Ingredients • 250g dried medium egg noodles• vegetable oil• 350g steak, thinly sliced• 2 garlic cloves, peeled & finely sliced• a thumb-sized piece of fresh ginger, peeled & finely sliced• 1–2 large fresh red chillies, finely sliced• 200g peanut shoots or bean sprouts• soy sauce• sesame oil• juice of ½ a lime• 1 large red pepper, deseeded & finely sliced• a handful of snow peas, finely sliced• a handful of baby corn, quartered lengthwise• 6 spring onions, trimmed & finely sliced• a bunch of fresh coriander, leaves picked & roughly chopped• cos lettuce leaves, to serve Method Cook the egg noodles in boiling salted water until just tender. Drain, place in a bowl and set aside. Heat a large wok or a heavy-based frying pan until very hot. Add a splash of vegetable oil, then stir-fry the beef slices with the sliced garlic, ginger and chillies until just cooked. Add the shoots or bean sprouts, a good splash of soy sauce and sesame oil and the lime juice for the last 30 seconds of cooking. Tip the contents of the wok into a large bowl, including all the lovely juices. Put the wok back on the heat, add a splash more vegetable oil and all the vegetables. Stir-fry for 1 to 2 minutes, then add the cooked noodles and toss well over the heat. Divide the fried vegetables and noodles between 4 plates. Return the beef and juices to the wok and stir-fry until heated through. Add the coriander and toss until well mixed with the beef. Arrange on top of the noodles and garnish with a cos lettuce leaf. Chef Ramsay How to Stir Fry Beef

Step Up for Cancer in Colorado: Bright Ideas

Step Up for Cancer in Colorado ONE CAUSE, ONE COMMUNITY Step Up for Cancer in Colorado: Giving a few hours of your day can give years to someone else’s life! Over two years, more than 400 participants have helped raise $215,000 for the local cancer community in Colorado. And last year, one very special yes made a life-saving bone marrow match. When you Step Up, you’re teaming up with the community in the fight against cancer. Take to the stairs at your own pace as you listen to live music. Wander the concourse and learn about cancer prevention, detection, treatment and more from over 40 non-profit cancer organizations. Stop by the kids zone, get a massage or try some yoga. Because no matter how you Step Up, you’re speaking up. Step Up for Cancer in Colorado: Bright Ideas Why running? Running improves aerobic fitness, also it is a great way to improve cardiovascular health. Plus, it burns calories and can build strength. There is also a long list of psychological benefits you can gain from this sport, also physical and mental health benefits. Running makes you happier. If you work out regularly, you’ve already discovered it: No matter how good or bad you feel at any given moment, exercise will make you feel better. And it goes beyond just the runner’s high —that rush of feel-good hormones known as endocannabinoids. In a 2006, a study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, researchers found that even a single bout of exercise, like 30 minutes of walking on a treadmill, could instantly lift the mood of someone suffering from a major depressive order. In a May 2013, study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise in which rats and mice got antidepressant-like effects from running on a wheel, researchers concluded that physical activity was an effective alternative to treating depression. Even on those days when you have to force yourself out the door, exercise still protects you against […]

Bat Cupcake From Woman’s Day With Blue Frosting & Sprinkles

Bat Cupcake From Woman’s Day Plain cupcakes take flight once decorated with blue frosting and sprinkles, dark chocolate wings and sugar-spun eyes and fangs. Recipe courtesy of Mark Ferri Serves: 12 Total Time: 1 hr Prep Time: 1 hr Ingredients 12  baked and cooled cupcakes 1 can(s) (16 oz) vanilla frosting Wilton royal blue icing color Blue Jimmies (sprinkles) Wilton jumbo confetti and Halloween confetti sprinkles 1  tube black decorating frosting White fondant Wilton dark chocolate candy melts Directions Tint the frosting of the bat cupcakes with blue icing color. Then spread the cupcakes with the frosting and sprinkle with blue Jimmies (blue sprinkles). Use jumbo confetti and Halloween confetti sprinkles for eyes if available. Attaching them with a small amount of frosting. Pipe on black frosting for the mouth. Pinch fondant with fingers and cut it into 24 triangles for fangs. Line a baking sheet with wax paper. Melt some candy melts as package directs and transfer to a ziptop bag with a small hole snipped in one corner. Pipe 24 (4×2-in.) wings and 24 (1/2-in.) eyebrow shapes onto a prepared pan. Refrigerate them for 10 minutes. Pipe the candy melt lines onto wings; refrigerate. Peel the wings and eyebrows off wax paper. Insert the wings and eyebrows into cupcakes as liked. Add the fondant fangs. Eat the delicious bat cupcakes ;)

Pleasant Surprises

Pleasant Surprises – I got a pleasant surprise a few day back when I got into the lift. A lady, I had never met before, greeted me in English and for some reason, it felt like I was back in Australia again. Her pronunciation was so nice. I wonder if she was born in Japan. I’ll have to ask her next time… Japan has changed a lot in the past 10 years and it won’t be long until more people start using English in these day-to-day situations. Glen AGreatDream.com japantoday.com You Really Don’t Need Japanese, Do You? “Of the roughly 20 countries I’ve been to, Japan is probably the most set up to accommodate people who don’t speak the local language. Many people live here with no more than a handful of simple phrases and do just fine. Lots of signs and menus are in English, and the entire population has received at least six years of English education. Even if you try to speak Japanese, it may not work. Sometimes no matter how perfectly you ask a question in Japanese, you’ll get an answer in English, or at least dumbed-down Japanese. Contrary to many countries that demand you speak the local language, Japan sometimes seems to prefer you don’t speak Japanese.”

Free Language Lessons – 06/22/11

Free Language Lessons Free Language Lessons: 06/22/11 Offer Expired Sometimes I offer free language lessons during campaigns or to students that are involved in community work helping others. If you would like a free lesson please send me a message stating why and the type of community work you do. Contact Page We have had many request from people who are looking for free language software. The software listed on this website is free to use and can be updated by request as well. 500 yen teacher training in Sapporo, Japan ETJ-Hokkaido (Facebook Page) Common English Idioms List of Common English Idioms and Phrases with Their Meaning above board: honest, openad lib: improvise, interpolateafter all: in spite of the situation; neverthelessagainst the grain: contrary to someone’s feelings, principlesall along: all the timeall ears: eager to listenall of a sudden: no differenceall thumbs: clumsyapple of one’s eye: very dear, preciousapple of discord: subject of envy or quarrelas a rule: generally, usuallyas far as I know: if I have correct informationas far as I am concerned: in my opinionas for me/ as to me: in my opinionas well: also, tooat first sight: from the first glance; at once; at first glanceat odds with: in disagreement withat random: at this timebackseat driver: a passenger who tells you how to driveballpark figure: approximate estimate (in figures)bark at the moon: do a useless thing; waste timebark up the wrong tree: accuse or pursue the wrong person; misdirect one’s effortsbe about to: readybe all in: be extremely tiredbe back on one’s feet: healthy again or better financiallybeat around the bush: avoid giving a clear/definite answerbe behind the times: be old-fashioned, outdatedbe beside oneself: be very upset, nervous, worriedbe better off: be in a better situation (financially)be broke: have no money at all; be penniless, bankruptbe hard on something or someone: treat roughlybe high on one’s list: be one of the most important thingsbe in charge of something: be responsible forbe in good health: be healthybe in poor health: be […]

Qq Quickly quickly QUICKLY

List of Words Starting with Qq Quickly quickly QUICKLY quickly  比 more quickly  最 the most quickly 副 速く、急いで、素早く 1. Come here quickly. (急いでここに来なさい。) 2. You should get there as quickly as possible. (できるだけ急いでそこにいくべきです。) タグ:quickly 7 Letter Words Word, Scrabble Points, Words With Friends Points quizzed 35 36 quizzer 34 35 quizzes 34 35 quickly 25 27 quezals 25 27 quetzal 25 27 quokkas 24 25 quicken 22 25 quacked 23 25 quicker 22 24 quaking 21 24 quickie 22 24 quipped 21 24 quixote 23 24 quippus 20 24 quakily 23 24 quibble 20 24 quaffed 23 24 quipper 20 23 quavery 22 23 quaffer 22 23 qualify 22 23 quivery 22 23 qubytes 21 22 quondam 19 22 qabalah 21 22 quiches 21 22 quirked 21 22 quantum 18 22 quahaug 20 22 quaichs 21 22 quamash 21 22 queenly 19 21 quantic 18 21 quavers 19 21 quayage 20 21 quintic 18 21 quinces 18 21 qiviuts 19 21 quahogs 20 21 quadric 19 21 queuing 17 21 quivers 19 21 quaggas 18 21 quaighs 20 21 quomodo 19 21 qwertys 22 21 quakers 20 21 quorums 18 21 quakier 20 21 quohogs 20 21 quinary 19 20 quoting 17 20 quartic 18 20 quangos 17 20 quelled 17 20 quiring 17 20 quietly 19 20 qabalas 18 20 quashed 20 20 quality 19 20 quadded 19 20 queerly 19 20 quilled 17 20 qurshes 19 19 quinela 16 19 quilted 17 19 quillet 16 19 quinols 16 19 quintal 16 19 quintan 16 19 quintin 16 19 quoined 17 19 quinone 16 19 quinoid 17 19 quinine 16 19 quinins 16 19 quinnat 16 19 quinina 16 19 quillai 16 19 queller 16 19 quailed 17 19 quantal 16 19 queened 17 19 quanted 17 19 quashes 19 19 quasher 19 19 quintes 16 18 quintet 16 18 quarrel 16 18 querida 17 18 queered 17 18 quitted 17 18 quadrat 17 18 quartan 16 18 quoited 17 18 qindars 17 18 quintas 16 18 quassin 16 18 quirted 17 18 6 […]

Extra TOEIC Quizzes

Extra TOEIC Quizzes Extra TOEIC Quizzes I have made and uploaded a few new TOEIC quizzes for registered members. Check them out if you have time. You can see a sample of the TOEIC quiz if you click on the link above. Don’t forget to register if you want to see more ;) Sapporo Eikaiwa and Language School AGreatDream Glen The Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) is “an English language test designed specifically to measure the everyday English skills of people working in an international environment.” Why should you do the TOEIC test? It is a globally recognized assessment to evaluate the English skills of non-native English learners.o It is increasingly being demanded by business corporations that seek individuals that are highly competent in English to support international projects and overseas business expansions. In this world of globalization, you will be able to gain more linguistic skills to communicate effectively both in the work place and in your private life. As we are well-aware, the job market is highly competitive and you need a competitive advantage to be distinct from other job applicants. Getting a high TOEIC score will support you to be highlighted from other job applicants, so that will be noticed by hiring managers. A high TOEIC score will demonstrate to your hiring managers and superiors at work that you have made an effort to improve your skills and to achieve self-development. It will enhance your image and lead to better career prospects. How should you prepare for the TOEIC Test? The above key points will undoubtedly motivate you to get a high score on your TOEIC test. Although there might be many methods to improve your skills, here are some ways that can help you to get a high TOEIC score. Learn new vocabulary: set a goal of learning 10 new words each day. After you understand the meaning of the words, apply them in a sentence. See whether you can make grammatically correct sentences with them. […]

New English/Japanese Textbooks & Resources

Textbooks: 7 new Eiken books, one English Q&A book, and many more (^-^) These new textbooks/books will be a nice addition to the ever expanding library.  I just need to index what is in them now. It’s amazing how heavy 3 piles of books can get. I must have been lifting 30 kilos or more. Our online English study project/competition will be starting soon. Feel free to start now if you like. * Touch typing / study software * Glen Sapporo Eikaiwa AGreatDream.com Effective textbook reading Effective textbook reading is a key study skill for student success. Nearly every class makes you read them. “Makes” is the right word here. “Requires,” “forces,” or “insists” will also work. Few people read textbooks unless they have to. If you read textbooks for fun, shoot me an email. I need to interview you, because I don’t think you exist. Reading textbooks is weird. That’s right – weird. Granted, we all have to read them. But even you bookworms – the kinds of people who devour the Twilight books in one week, or Harry Potter, or the Hunger Games books – know that textbooks are a bit weird. Think about it. Textbooks are the only books you read today that have pictures on nearly every page (Dr. Seuss fans excluded). In fact, should you be forced to read a textbook without pictures, you are in real trouble. Those books get seriously tough. Nevertheless, understanding how to read a textbook is vital. The goal of a textbook is simple: inform and educate. The goal of the Harry Potter books is very different. Novels tell stories. Textbooks communicate ideas through explanations of information. Because of this, you need a different strategy for reading textbooks. Follow these four easy steps to get on your way. Textbooks 1. Don’t read front to back (aka, READ BACKWARDS) Reading a textbook chapter front to back ensures that you will waste time. I know it’s counter-intuitive to not read a book front […]