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Toxic Hotlinking

Toxic Hotlinking You can type this inurl:yourwebsite.com -site:yourwebsite.com into to Google to see if people are hotlinking your files. After that you can just can change file names on your server to stop people hotlinking. In my case, I would search for this: inurl:agreatdream.com -site:agreatdream.com Then from the following […]


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English for Kids

View All Dialogues + English for Kids Part 1 Scene 1: In the classroom 0:10 Good morning. Good morning, everyone. How are you? Fine, thanks. How are you? Great! Come in, please. Nice to meet you. My name is Kate. Nice to meet you, too. Sit down, please. Thank you. Scene 2: In the hall, outside the music room 0:45 ♪ Good morning. […]

交通 バス Transportation – On the Bus

This bus goes all the way to the Santa Anita mall, right?

Spicy Food & Conjunctions

Carly used to love eating spicy food. It makes her sweat and causes a lot of stomach pain no though. Bryan really likes the taste of spicy food.

公衆トイレ – Public Bathrooms

公衆トイレ – Public Bathrooms – Dialogue View All Dialogues + Mari: You know what’s the worst? Alison: What? Mari: When you have to go to the bathroom so badly, and you just cannot find a public restroom. Alison: It’s so true, and there aren’t very many alternatives. Mari: No. And I feel like we’re so lucky in the US beca […]

オンラインチャット Online Chat

オンラインチャット – Online Chat View All Dialogues + 会話 – Conversation MilaHi. What’s up? Hello. The 1st personHi. What are you doing? MilaNothing much. Where are you from? The 1st personI’m from Japan. [Connection cuts] MilaHi Brian. Thank you Tony. Thank you Robert O. Where ya from? BrianI’m from Odori. I […]

Sapporo Station – Where is Stella Place?

Here are a few dialogues between people at Sapporo Station. JR Hokkaido is the company View All Dialogues + Where is Stella Place? A: Excuse me. Where is Stella Place? B: It’s just over there. A: Okay. Thank you. Buying a ticket A: Excuse me. How much is a ticket to Otaru station? B: There are 3 stations there. Where do yo […]

Peru: Ivan

About Peru Peru is a country in South America. That’s home to a section of Amazon rainforest and Machu Picchu, an ancient Incan city high in the Andes mountains. The region around Machu Picchu is rich in archaeological sites. Especially the Sacred Valley, Inca Trail and colonial city of Cusco. On Peru’s arid Pacific coast […]

Restaurant English – Common Expressions Waiters, & Staff Use

When you go to a restaurant, you usually know what is going to happen and that is because eating at a restaurant usually follows a set script. The waiters aren’t given one to memorize, of course. But even so, waiters and waitresses usually stick to a very narrow range of English phrases. Here is what you can usually expect to hear when going to a restaurant.

恋愛 – Romance – Meeting Someone

友だちに会う – Meeting Friends – レッスン 49 会話Conversation 普通のスピードNormal Speed 遅いスピードSlower 会話文と音声Transcript and Audio Vickyもしもし。Hello? Benもしもし、ビッキー。Hi Vicky. Vickyもう着いてる?Are you there yet? Benうん。Yes. Vicky今地下鉄を降りた所。もうすぐ。遅れてごめん。I just got off the subway. I’m almost there. Sorry I’m late. Ben全然大丈夫。中にいるって伝えたかっただけ。Th […]

買い物の会話 – Shopping

View All Dialogues + Shopping Useful Expressions The Clerk Irasshaimase.いらっしゃいませ。Welcome. Nanika osagashi desu ka. (Literally means, “Are you looking for something?”)何かお探しですか。May I help you? Ikaga desu ka.いかがですか。How do you like it? Kashikomarimashita.かしこまりました。Certainly. Omatase itashimashita.お待たせいたしました。Sorry to have […]

ホテルや旅館のチェックインの会話 – Hotel Check-in Counter

快適なホテルライフは、スムーズなチェックインから。にこやかな会話でスタートしたいですね。よく聞き取れない場合は、慌てず堂々と聞き返しましょう。 チェックイン・カウンター(フロント)に進み、まずはこの一言。 View All Dialogues + Travel – English Dialogues 受付から聞かれる英語の質問 ホテルや旅館のチェックイン – At the Hotel Check-in Counter チェックイン – Check-in チェックインするときのよくある質問Questions you may be asked during check-in. 何名様でご利用ですか?For how man […]

Getting a Blood Test from a Medical Laboratory Technician

メディカル英会話 – Medical English View All Dialogues + MLT = Medical Laboratory Technician cannula = a thin tube inserted into a vein or body cavity to administer medication, drain off fluid, or insert a surgical instrument. Patient採血のためにこの検査室に来たのですが。I came to this lab to have my blood drawn. MLTここで良いですよ。左袖を上げて座ってください。You are in […]

Lost and Found Offices in Sapporo

Lost and Found Offices in Sapporo How do I claim or report items? Report lost or found items as soon as possible to the appropriate company, either in person or by calling and telling them what you found (see below for contact information). You, or someone you appoint, will only have a few days to get the item from the operator […]

?/trackback – Most trackbacks have been turned off on this website.

?/trackback ?/trackbackIf you are searching for this you will have to contact us for more details. We turned off the trackbacks. What is a trackback? A trackback allows websites to notify people about an update or updates. It is one of four types of linkback methods for authors to request notification when somebody links to one […]

読書クラブ – Book Club

友達に会い読書クラブに 誘っている会話 Asking to join a friend & go somewhere. “That sounds really interesting. I’d love to come.”

空港税関 Airport Immigration

空港税関 – Airport Immigration 空港税関【くうこうぜいかん】Kuukouzeikan View All Dialogues + Travel – English Dialogues 空港の税関職員から聞かれる英語の質問 Questions you may be asked by a Customs Officer. 1. パスポートを見せてもらえますか?May I see your passport? 2. どこから出航しましたか?Where did you fly in from? 3. どこから(どの空港から)来ましたか?Where are you coming from? 4. 訪問の目的は何ですか? […]

Installing Adobe CS6 (Creative Suite) in the wrong language

Installing Adobe CS6 (Creative Suite) in the wrong language Did you just get a copy of Adobe CS6 (Creative Suite) only to find out it installs in the wrong language? If you did, like I did, then maybe these steps below will help you get it installing in the correct language. This should also work if you downloaded the trial of A […]

Adobe: 32 bit TWAIN scanner problem on Photoshop installation DVD

Adobe Keeps Quiet About TWAIN Drivers No updates for the 32-bit TWAIN scanner… Adobe released 32 and 64 bit versions of Photoshop CS6 but forgot to mention it wouldn’t work with most scanners out of the box. By leaving in the 32 bit version of Photoshop on the installation DVD they said to many users to use that vers […]

#/trackback – The Art of Website Trackback Etiquette

The Art of Website Trackback Etiquette Trackback Etiquette: Using trackbacking as a traffic building tool is a fine art. Many bloggers make the mistake of going trackback crazy before their blog has enough or even any content. This may bring new readers in but they will not stay long or bookmark your site as you don’t give them […]

What is a trackback link? Trackbacks, Pingbacks and Linkbacks

Trackback Links Trackback links are one of four types of linkback methods. They allow website companies or authors to request a notification when somebody links to one of their web pages or documents. They enable them to keep track of who is linking to their articles. Some weblog software and content management systems, suc […]

Search: type hit enter

If you just pressed enter or clicked on the search icon in the text field you probably ended up here. When you just press enter this website will look for “Search: type hit enter“. Type the keyword to find specific pages or try a few links from the side menu. Thank you for taking your time to look at this site. If yo […]

55th Annual Meeting – Japanese Society for Clinical Virology

Clinical Virology Clinical virology meeting files can be downloaded from this link below: Click to Download Regards, Glen We are very pleased to announce that the 55th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Clinical Virology will be held in Sapporo, on Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th of June, 2014. For the convenience […]

How to Study in Six Simple Steps

How to Study in Six Simple Steps Space (1) How to Study: It is easier to study when you are in a comfortable space. Make room, mentally and physically, for studying. Take a deep breath and pause for a moment before you start. Remember the types of things that make you comfortable. Place (2) Personalize your workspace. Pace (3) N […]


???Search:????type+Enter????? ???Search:????type+Enter????? shows up in your search if your browser can’t display Japanese characters. How to fix the problem If you are using Windows 10, you might need to change your regional setting to get the Japanese font loading or add a language pack to your PC. Watch the videos below […]


Your Current Search If you are looking for a certain thing and can’t find it, use our menu on the right side of this site, or try our search engine 🙂 Navigation If a navigation bar is the roadmap to a website, it’s probably best to show every page there, right? That way people are sure to find what they need… Actuall […]

DCW (Digital Camera Warehouse) Offers Great Discounts to Students

DCW Discount DCW (Digital Camera Warehouse) is offering English students great discounts on cameras and also photography lessons. If interested, contact their stores in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. *Free delivery of products, Australia wide. Glen (^-^)v Sapporo Eikaiwa AGREATDREAM DWC FAQs Buying from Us How can I contact you […]

Top 10 Study Tips + How to Study English Effectively

Top 10 Study Tips – Below are a few ideas from Kenneth Beare on studying English effectively. Thanks Kenneth. There are many ways to study English, but many students ask which is the most effective. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a single answer that is right for every student. However… I can certainly g […]

Hokkaido Explorer ・ 北海道エクスプローラー (hokkaidoexplorer.com)

Hokkaido Explorer: If you are in Hokkaido and looking for English travel information check out this new website. It has stories and videos about food, drinks, famous places and people around Hokkaido. Hokkaido Explorer ・ 北海道エクスプローラー hokkaidoexplorer.com Hokkaido Tour Guide If you are looking for hotels or information on Hokkaido […]

Vocabulary – Candor: open & honest; sincerity of expression; openness

Candor Candor Definition: open and honest; sincerity of expression; openness; frankness. ˈkandə noun “a lady of refreshing candour” “he spoke with a degree of candour unusual in political life” Candor Synonyms: frankness, openness, honesty, candidness, truthfulness, sincerity, forthrightness, directness, […]

Singular – Vocabulary | Improve Your English Vocabulary | AGREATDREAM

Singular Singular means individual or only one.  adjective GRAMMAR (of a word or form) denoting or referring to just one person or thing. “the third person singular form of the verb”  2. exceptionally good or great; remarkable. “He had the singular good fortune of not meeting any of the judges before the contes […]

Mercurial | Definition of Mercurial | English Vocabulary

Mercurial Mercurial means quick and changeable in temperament; volatile məːˈkjʊərɪəl adjective 1. Subject to sudden or unpredictable changes of mood or mind. “his mercurial temperament” Synonyms: volatile, capricious, temperamental, excitable, fickle, changeable, unpredictable, variable, protean, mutable, erratic, qu […]

Emulate – Vocabulary

Emulate: To strive to equal or excel, especially through imitation Emulate – Vocabulary ˈɛmjʊleɪt/ verb: emulate; 3rd person present: emulates; past tense: emulated; past participle: emulated; gerund or present participle: emulating Match or surpass (a person or achievement), typically by imitation. “most rulers wish […]

Relegate | Improve Your English Vocabulary Today

Relegate ˈrɛlɪɡeɪt/ verb To assign to a lower position or to classify something. Assign an inferior rank or position to. “It won’t go down as a season to be remembered in Workington Town’s history books as 2016 saw the club relegated to League One” Synonyms: downgrade, lower, lower in rank/status, put dow […]

DLS… What does it mean? Dirty Little Secret, Dynamic Light Scattering

What does DLS mean? Web Acronyms: DLSThe meaning of DLS (acronym/abbreviation/slang word)Ever wondered what DLS really means? Slang words, abbreviations and acronyms are listed here on the Sapporo Eikaiwa AGREATDREAM Internet Slang Dictionary. Your resource for web acronyms, web abbreviations and netspeak. The DLS Definitio […]

Verbs: What are Verbs?

Verbs describe the way someone or something does something. They describe an action, like the words eat, sleep, love, and study. They are actions, words that involve motion or physical activity. Example List(動詞リスト) Verbs beginning with the letter A acceptaddadmireadmitadviseaffordagreealertallowamuseanalyseannounceanno […]

Common Spelling Mistakes Made In English

Common Spelling Mistakes: Quiz + Word List English spelling can be tricky, even for English speakers! This is because English is not 100% phonetic and also because there are so many exceptions… Take the mini 12 question test to check how good you are at spelling. The questions and answers are randomized each time so the te […]

Zucchini (Courgette) – Healthy Snacks

How to prepare and cook the zucchini Cut a zucchini into 5mm thick circles. Put the cut zucchini into a bowl, with just enough water to cover the pieces. Put a microwave safe lid on the bowl. Microwave at 500W for 5 minutes and 30 seconds. Eat after it cools down a bit. Health benefits of zucchini (courgette) At only 17 calories […]

検索 ・ Search を更新した。Up To 1,000 Results Now

検索 ・ Search を更新した。 検索 The search engine on this website has been updated. Depending on the keyword or sentence you use there are up to 1,000 results now. We have also changed the search algorithm to give more relevant or popular results first. The search image thumbnail size has also been increased. Search words are highlighted […]

The history/origin of the question mark – Where did it come from?

Question Mark The question mark (?; also known as an interrogation point, interrogation mark, question point, query or eroteme), is a punctuation mark that replaces the full stop (period) at the end of an interrogative sentence in English and many other l […]