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Step Up for Cancer in Colorado: One Cause, One Community.

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Step Up for Cancer in Colorado: Bright Ideas - cancer-in-colorado - Team Brad

Step Up for Cancer in Colorado


Step Up for Cancer in Colorado: Giving a few hours of your day can give years to someone else’s life!

Over two years, more than 400 participants have helped raise $215,000 for the local cancer community in Colorado. And last year, one very special yes made a life-saving bone marrow match.

When you Step Up, you’re teaming up with the community in the fight against cancer. Take to the stairs at your own pace as you listen to live music. Wander the concourse and learn about cancer prevention, detection, treatment and more from over 40 non-profit cancer organizations. Stop by the kids zone, get a massage or try some yoga. Because no matter how you Step Up, you’re speaking up.

Step Up for Cancer in Colorado: Bright Ideas

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