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NW-7EX Hitachi Washing Machine: Impeller Screw Removal

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NW-7EX: How to remove the impeller screw

洗濯機用パルセータ-用ネジ [PF-3150 JCF]

The NW-7EX Screw

The screw is right-handed, so undo it with counterclockwise rotation.
You will need a PH3 screw driver head and maybe small spanner to help remove the tight screw.

NW-7EX How to remove the impeller screw

* This is just an image of an impeller from the same maker but not the actual impeller of the NW-7EX.

The Plastic Cap

Removing the plastic cap will be difficult but you will need a flat head screw driver to pop it out.

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