Sapporo Language School

You Can Study English or Japaneseat A Great Dream language school I warmly welcome you to Sapporo Language School A Great Dream. If you are interested in improving your English skills or you are a beginner that needs help learning Japanese, you can take English and/or Japanese language lessons at affordable prices, just a short walk away from Sapporo Station. Start studying today. What I Can Do For You I can teach you: I can also: Message from the Owner My name is Glen Charles Rowell and I’m the owner of A Great Dream language school. I’ve been living in Japan for almost 25 years, can speak Japanese and have networked with a lot of people. If you’re here then you have received one of my private business cards, found me through SNS, on one of my websites or you’ve found out I am giving away some study advice. Secrets discovered through years of study, also through teaching and mentoring over 40,000 people. These techniques benefit those who are looking for help in transforming their lives beyond just their relationships with others. For example, a Synthetic Happiness Technique. Most people think having a lot of time and the ability to change their mind at any time is a good thing, but in many situations it’s actually better not to have a lot of choices. If your problem isn’t too difficult to deal with, just quickly make a choice and stick with it. Don’t run away from the problem, or trouble that faces you. By facing problems head-on, it will help you learn a lot quicker. No Fluff Lessons that are straight to the point and give you real-world, actionable items that you can start implementing immediately. Start by using some of the free study resources on this website. English Home Page Details School Details AddressRoom 505, Asahiplaza Kairakuen, North 6 West 6, 2-1, North Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan 060-0806 HoursWeekdays 8:30-0:00, Sat/Sun 12:00-0:00 Telephone011-768-8116 LanguagesEnglish or Japanese PaymentCash or Bank … Continue reading Sapporo Language School