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Vocabulary - Mercurial means quick and changeable in temperament

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Mercurial means quick and changeable in temperament; volatile
adjective1. Subject to sudden or unpredictable changes of mood or mind. “his mercurial temperament”
Synonyms: volatile, capricious, temperamental, excitable, fickle, changeable, unpredictable, variable, protean, mutable, erratic, quicksilver, inconstant, inconsistent, unstable, unsteady, fluctuating, ever-changing, kaleidoscopic, fluid, wavering, vacillating, moody, flighty, wayward, whimsical, giddy, impulsive; technicallabile “a mercurial temperament”
2. Of or containing the element mercury. “gels containing organic mercurial compounds”
noun1. A drug or other compound containing mercury. “for twenty years organic mercurials were the most potent diuretics in clinical use”

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