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検索 ・ Searchを更新した。Search Engine Updated 1,000+ Results Now

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検索 ・ Search Page

検索 ・ Search を更新した。


Search engine on this website updated.

  • Depending on the keyword or sentence you use there are up to 1,000 results now.
  • We have also changed the search algorithm to give more relevant or popular results first.
  • Search image thumbnail sizes increased.
  • Search words highlighted in yellow in the text preview.
  • A filter added to restrict searches to certain categories if needed.

Bug: The Japanese titles don’t encode properly if you just press the space bar then enter, or search for spaces.

Current fix: The search engine looks for “検索 ・ Search:タイプ・type+Enterを押します” instead of nothing to get around this bug for now.

A4JP Design Studio

Search vs Find

To search for something means “to try to find something.”
Vice versa, to find something doesn’t mean to have searched. Find generally means discoverreacharrive at, or perceive.

She also found the time to raise three children.
The vitamin B12 found in dairy products, is good for you.
Water finds its own level.

In these sentences, find doesn’t imply to start a search.

Find implies that it has a fixed position and can be located using coordinates. Like you’d find a hotel on a map, you wouldn’t search for it. Search brings to mind a rummaging through some filer or sorting through objects until you stumble across the item you’re looking for. Alternatively search could be used to imply a sort of easter egg hunt where there may be more than one item you’re looking for.

Examples of find:

I found a nice restaurant on the map. Let's go there tomorrow night.
Find the area of the square.
I found a great place to hang out yesterday.

Examples of search:

Could you search for the car keys now?
Search for a nice indian restaurant on Google.
Search for a file on C:\.

However, they’re similar enough that even if you used search rather than find or vice versa, it would make little difference.

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