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EIKEN Grade Pre-2 Style Test - 札幌 英会話 AGREATDREAM 札幌駅前校

札幌 英会話 スクール AGREATDREAM 札幌駅前校


Welcome to your Eiken Pre 2 style test.

Linda keeps ___________ information such as her e­mail and bank passwords in a small notebook. She is careful not to let anyone else see the notebook.


Mark started playing a new video game. It was really exciting, so he played it all ___________ the night. The next day, he was really tired.

The United States of America ___________ of 50 states. The smallest state in the country is Rhode Island, and the largest is Alaska.


Sam studied for his math test every evening last week. His hard work ___________ a very good score on the test.


A: Hello, Jane. Where are you? The movie will start soon.
B: Sorry, I'll be there before ___________. Please wait for me for five more minutes.


The teacher told the students to ___________ their chairs in a circle so that they would be able to see each other while they talked.


A: I left my notebook somewhere. Do you have a ___________ of paper I could use to take notes?
B: Yes, here you are.

Michelle, Sarah, and Roger love to play music, so they have decided to ___________ a band. They will call their new band The Celery Sticks.


Ms. Kirshman was surprised at the large number of people who ___________ her lecture on gardening. There were almost no empty seats in the room.


Everyone says that Kathy ___________ her mother. They have the same large eyes and smile in the same way.


Last Saturday, Pete and his family drove to the beach. In order to avoid the heavy ___________ on the highway, they left early in the morning.


The street outside Lisa's apartment building is very ___________. It is only wide enough for one car, and trucks cannot enter at all.