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EIKEN Grade Pre-1 Style Test Sample - 札幌 英会話 AGREATDREAM 札幌駅前校

札幌 英会話 スクール AGREATDREAM 札幌駅前校


Welcome to your Eiken Pre 1 style test.

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The data-security consultant warned that the company's computers were ___________ to virus attacks and needed to be made safer.


Shota's boss, Jenny, was angry with him when the client canceled the contract, but his colleagues ___________ him. They told the boss it was not his fault.


Yesterday, many flights to Paris were cancelled because of ___________ weather conditions. Now that the weather has improved, flight schedules have returned to normal.


The flowers had very long ___________, so Glenda had to cut them before putting them in a vase.


Many students complained the book was very difficult to understand in places, so the teacher tried to ___________ those sections using simpler language.


Lately, more people have been trying to reduce the amount of garbage they create by avoiding ___________ items such as paper plates, plastic knives and forks.


A: Margaret has lots of ideas about how to increase the company's profits.
B: Yeah, but most of them are ___________. That's why the bosses ignore them.


The company tried to end the strike by offering a small pay increase, but the union decided to ___________ until workers were also offered more vacation days.


Religious issues have been a ___________ theme in the author's book. His newest book is no different, as it focuses on the role of women in Eastern religions.


The man wrapped his dog's leash around a post and tied a ___________ in it to make sure the dog could not run out of the yard.


The minister had been very popular, so his funeral ___________ stretched over several city blocks. Supporters followed the car carrying his body all the way to the church.


A: I really think the Johnsons ___________ their daughter.
B: Yes, they give her whatever she wants. She never has to work for anything.