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EIKEN Grade 2 Style Test - 札幌 英会話 AGREATDREAM 札幌駅前校

札幌 英会話 スクール AGREATDREAM 札幌駅前校


Welcome to the Eiken 2 style online test.


Professor Holt was surprised by his students' ___________ of World War I. Because they knew so little, he decided to spend more time on the topic.


Last week, Shelly went to see a horror movie. It was about a strange ___________ that was half shark and half man.


David used to eat very big meals, but now he is on a diet to lose weight. He tries to eat no ___________ than 1,800 calories per day.


A: Do you mind if I use this file?
B: It's fine as ___________ as I'm concerned, but you better check with the boss.


Andy's house is far from his office. It takes him more than an hour to ___________ to work every morning.


A: I'm sorry, ma'am, but it's ___________ to park here. Your car is blocking the
entrance to the fire station.
B: I see, officer. I'll move it right away.


After high school, Ted joined the ___________ so that he could serve his country. He felt proud when he put on his army uniform for the first time.


The picture Joanna wanted to use in her presentation was too small. She decided to ___________ it so the audience could see it.


The salesman decided to increase the ___________ of his visits to his main clients. In the past, he only visited them once a month, but now he goes every week.


A: Are you going to the dentist today?
B: Yes, I have to get a tooth pulled out. I can't wait to get it ___________ so that my mouth will stop hurting.


When the Internet was first created, few people understood its ___________.
After several years, though, it became obvious that the Internet would change
people's lives completely.


The photograph of the crowded stadium was ___________, so it was difficult to see the faces of the people clearly.

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