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EIKEN Grade 1 Style Test - 札幌 英会話 AGREATDREAM 札幌駅前校

札幌 英会話 スクール AGREATDREAM 札幌駅前校


EIKEN level 1 Style Practice Test.

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General Anderson knew that, since the enemy army was ___________ in caves near the top of a mountain, it would be almost impossible to defeat.


Experienced interviewers can tell when people are ___________ the truth, so job interviewees should be careful not to exaggerate their abilities.


DNA testing finally ___________ the man of all charges, and he was set free after having spent five years in prison.

In a recent speech, the mayor ___________ the city’s educators for failing to properly prepare students for national achievement exams.


Tim's new office was so ___________ it depressed him. He decided to bring in some plants to brighten it up a bit.

Toby fixed the hole in the fence between his yard and that of the ___________ house so that his neighbor’s dog would not be able to get through.


A: I'd be happy to drive you to the airport tomorrow.
B: Well, if it's no ___________, I'll accept your offer. It would really help me out.


Zara demonstrated her athletic ___________ by becoming the youngest player ever to win a national tennis tournament.


Security guards caught a young man trying to ___________ a video camera into the venue so he could illegally film the concert.


Despite his ___________ health, Keith remained positive. He did his best not to let his illness stop him from enjoying his life.


People should be suspicious of _______ e-mails claiming to come from official sources. Many are sent by criminals trying to gain access to people's bank accounts.

Paula tried to ___________ innocence when she was accused of stealing from the store. The unpaid-­for clothes in her bag, however, proved that she was lying.