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Installing Adobe CS6 Master Collection in the wrong language

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installing Adobe CS6 creative suite wrong languageInstalling Adobe CS6 (Creative Suite) in the wrong language

Did you just get a copy of Adobe CS6 (Creative Suite) only to find out it installs in the wrong language? If you did, like I did, then maybe these steps below will help you get it installing in the correct language. This should also work if you downloaded the trial of Adobe CS6, and it isn’t installing in English or your main language either. The reason for this problem is usually the region and language settings.

Installing Adobe CS6 Creative Suite

Here are the steps for installing and hopefully fixing the Adobe CS6 Creative Suite when it is coming up with the wrong language: 1. Open the Control Panel 2. Open Region and Language settings 3. On the Formats tab change the format to English (or your native language) Format: English (United States) 4. Try installing or reinstalling again.
Feel free to email me through the contact page if you find a better way of fixing this problem. Any support or help on fixing problems like this is greatly appreciated.
As a teacher and designer, I’m quite happy with the CS6 Master Collection. One day, I would like to upgrade to the new Creative Cloud version but Adobe still hasn’t fixed the line drawing problems in the software. Also after 3 years of going through support through different versions of the software, I kind of gave up on wasting my time talking to Adobe. Consumer Affairs give them a bit of a whipping for breaking the law though lol. It’s a pity they used so much money on lawyers to avoid fixing bugs instead of paying a few programmers to do the actual work that needed to be done. Companies like Adobe should employ more people and help communities flourish in my opinion. There are quite a few new companies offering amazing programs out there for free these days. And I like to get involved in groups that help others. It’s nice to be able to offer help to others knowing it makes a positive difference. Have a wonderful day and do something nice for someone today ;)