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Grammar Practice: Bring vs Take + Multiple Choice Quiz

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Grammar Practice: Bring vs Take + Multiple Choice Quiz


Bring vs Take

★ bring – 話し手 / 聞き手 のいる場所へ持ってくる(連れてくる)
★ take – 話し手 / 聞き手 とは別の場所へ持っていく(連れて行く)

第3者 → take → 別の場所

会話の相手 → take → 別の場所

話し手/書き手 → take → 別の場所

第3者 → bring → 会話の相手

第3者 → bring → 話し手/書き手

話し手/書き手 ↔ bring ↔ 会話の相手

■ bring :
1) 話し手(私)のいる場所へ 人・ものを持ってくる(連れてくる)
Please bring me your bag.
You can bring your friend to our party.

2) 聞き手(あなた)のいる場所へ 人・ものを持っていく(連れていく)
I’ll bring some flowers to your office.
My friend will bring the money to you.

■ take :
話し手 / 聞き手 とは別の場所へ人・ものを持っていく(連れて行く)
I’ll take a laptop to the meeting.
Can you take her to the concert ?

Bring vs Take Quiz 1

1. It’s going to rain after 6pm. Don’t forget toan umbrella if you go out.


2. The party’s at 8:30pm. Don’t forget tosome wine if you come.


3. I’m starving. I hope you remembered tosome food.


4. Have youthe dog to the vet yet?


5. Can you come here andthis newspaper to your father.


6. We can drive there. Ithe car with me.


7. Number 7 or 8 alwaysgood luck.


8. So in factan extra coat was a good idea. It’s freezing out there!


9. I’m leaving now. See you in about 15 minutes. Should Isome wine with me?


10. She’s not here anymore. They’veher to another hospital.


Bring vs Take Quiz 2

Can you ___________ me the keys?

Our party’s at 8pm. Don’t forget to ___________ some wine if you come.

I’m starving. I hope you remembered to ___________ snacks.

It’s going to snow. Don’t forget to ___________ a coat if you go out.

Has she ___________ the dog to the vet yet?

Come here and ___________ this newspaper to the manager.

We can drive there. I ___________ the car with me.

Who ___________ your book?

Number 7 always ___________ good luck.

I’m leaving now, so I’ll see you in 30 minutes. Shall I ___________ some snacks?

It’s freezing here, so ___________ an extra coat was a good idea.

He’s not here. They must’ve ___________ him to another hospital.

Quiz 3

Could you please ___________ me a glass of water?

I have to ___________ the car to the mechanic tomorrow.

How many suitcases have you ___________ on this trip?

I’ll remember to ___________ my photo album to your house next time I come over.

I ___________ the kids to the library yesterday.

I’ll be ___________ a warm sweater when I go to my cousin’s house on Sunday.

My steak is overcooked! Please ___________ it away.

When Blake came to visit me, she ___________ her baby with her.
* Blake is a unisex name.

Would you like me to ___________ you the bill?

Phones aren’t permitted in the classroom. That’s why I’ve ___________ yours from you.


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