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Notice: This school will be closed from October 27th (Thu) to November 10th (Thu) for remodeling.
Please email us if you have any question or telephone us after November 11th (Fri). Thank you.

About Us

The About Us page for Sapporo Eikaiwa AGREATDREAM /Sapporo Language School AGREATDREAM has a short company profile on it and contact details.

About Us

Hello and welcome to the AGREATDREAM website. My name is Glen Charles Rowell and I am the owner of this school. Sapporo Eikaiwa AGREATDREAM is a language school, roughly 400 meters from the center of the Sapporo Station. It takes 3 to 4 minutes to walk to the school from the Nanboku subway line ticket gate (green line). There is a long covered walkway leading to the school that is very convenient on rainy or snowy days.

If you would like to send sample textbooks, catelogues or teaching material, please post it to: Room 506, Asahi Plaza Kairakuen, 2-1, North 6 West 6, North Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. 060-0806.

Company Name

Sapporo Eikaiwa AGREATDREAM or Sapporo Language School AGREATDREAM


Room 506, Asahi Plaza Kairakuen,
2-1, North 6 West 6, North Ward, Sapporo,
Hokkaido, Japan. 060-0806

Phone Number

If you would like to find out more about us give us a call.

In Japan

Tel/Fax: 011-768-8116

For Overseas Calls

Tel/Fax: +81-11-768-8116

The Nearest Station (Straight Line Distance)

Sapporo Station
430m from the station
View route from Sapporo Station on Mapion

Postal Address

Current Address

Room 506, Asahi Plaza Kairakuen, 2-1, North 6 West 6, North Ward, Sapporo. 060-0806

Previous Addresses

〒064-0807 北海道 札幌市 中央区 南7条西1丁目 23-1 コートモザ札幌 401号
〒064-0806 北海道 札幌市 中央区 南6条西1丁目 レジデンスカープ札幌 803号
〒060-0063 北海道 札幌市 中央区 南3条西8丁目 ライオンズシティ南3条 1010号
〒006-0833 北海道 札幌市 手稲区 曙3条3丁目12

Business Activities

I run two businesses, an English school and a design company/studio.

Sapporo Eikaiwa AGREATDREAM is focused on:

Collaboration work with individuals and other companies.
Business networking.
Supporting teacher training groups like ETJ-Hokkaido.

The school is mainly involved in:

English Lessons,
Japanese Lessons for Beginners,
Lessons for English Professors,
Test Courses (TOEIC, EIKEN, TOEFL, etc.),
Translation Work,
Editing and Proofreading (Papers, Articles, Dissertations, etc.),
Online Lessons and Presentation Practice…

About Us: Map Sapporo Eikaiwa North 6 West 6, Asahi Plaza Kairakuen, Room 506 - 1024x7211

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